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Negative Body Image

Have you ever been cut down for your body, your hair,
your dress, your appearance in any way?

When I was little girl of around 6 or 7, I’d stand in front of the
mirror and yell ”I hate you!” I took a hair brush and hatefully
combed through my curly locks trying to make them straight like
my perfect Barbie doll’s hair.

I found my dad’s stash of Playboy magazines and harshly
compared my stocky body to their slender, sexy ones. I didn’t
look like them OR Barbie.

It makes sense why my dad doesn’t love me—I’m not pretty
enough, my impressionable little mind concluded.

Fast forward to my late teens. My boyfriend had been in Spain
for 6 months, and I was finally able to see him again. I excitedly went
to the airport and made the risky decision to wear a form-fitting
dress with a big belt. I neither wore dresses or anything that showed
my curves.

As he approached me, getting off of the plane, he came up and
hugged me, then stepped back and asked, “Did you gain weight?”

He might as well have put a dagger in my heart! I was mortified
and wanted to shrink. I felt SO ashamed.

Teach A Woman Her Worth Depends on Her Appearance—
And Now You’ve Controlled Her

Teach a woman that she’s not worthwhile unless she’s a certain
size or appearance, and now you’ve controlled her. She’s in fear.
She believes she must be thin, pretty, and/or nice in order to be lovable,
and when she’s not these things, well then….she’s not acceptable.
And most importantly, she’s not good enough in her own eyes.

This month, we’re talking about how we feel restricted by
our Identity as women. And one of those ways is by our appearance.

Our looks are such a personal thing.  And when someone criticizes
us, we take it to heart, rightfully or wrongfully. We have vivid memories
that stick with us forever when someone attacks our looks.

The Sad Gray Suit

A few years ago I was at a business conference. I’d just bought a gray
pantsuit that I thought was neat and professional looking. I was up
on stage delivering a vulnerable message where I was empowering
myself, as we were instructed to do. Some woman, who was
one of the “judges” and was supposed to be giving us constructive
feedback, very mean spiritedly slammed my appearance, saying how
plain and drab I looked.

I think it was her tone more than anything (and her hateful energy) that
hurt. She even later apologized, and so I wasn’t imagining it.

Morgan talks about how the whole body image and appearance issue
makes things that much more complicated for teenagers who are already
insecure and trying to figure themselves out. It really does set women
up for mental health challenges.

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Don’t Know How to Tap?

If you feel too fat, too thin, feel ashamed of cellulite, wrinkles,
stretch marks, not good enough in any way, not lovable enough
just for who you are, this is for you.

We don’t have to believe our harsh negative thoughts. What if
you could have a little more acceptance today and turn down the
volume of these thoughts?

What If You Accepted Yourself 5% More?

What if you accepted yourself 5% more today and appreciated
all the things your body does for you?

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