Do you ever feel misunderstood?

Have you ever felt like you stand on the outskirts of your community or even your own family, or like you just don’t fit in?  I used to feel this way a lot, in school, at my jobs.  I felt different for my differences.  Now I rarely feel this way.  I had a strange contrasting experience this week I’d like to share with you. On Tuesday evening I attended a National Guild of Hypnotists meeting that I try to attend monthly, but I hadn’t been there for the last couple of months.  I felt so warmly welcomed and respected, as the facilitators of the meeting gave me nice accolades throughout the meeting.  While walking out to my car after the meeting, I felt energized but also a little uncomfortable, like I didn’t deserve so much attention.

I prayed to God to keep me humble because I don’t want my self-esteem to be dependent on someone’s opinion, good or bad. The very next day I went to a support group I’ve been attending for years, and here I normally feel loved and respected.  I shared briefly during the meeting how I dealt with uncomfortable emotion, that sometimes I want to eat something sweet to comfort me. So I was pondering releasing sugar. Someone approached me after the meeting and said she thought I might be violating a tradition.  I had no idea how since I hadn’t mentioned anything specific. She said I make it sound like “I” am responsible for my ability to work the program to the exclusion of a Higher Power. I explained that I attribute my peace of mind and successful recovery to my faith in a Higher Power.  I do talk a lot about empowerment, and for me, our Higher Self is our connection to God or Universe or Infinite Intelligence.  God isn’t “out there.” God is right in our heart and soul, and we can connect daily to this aspect of ourselves. So on Tuesday I was warmly received by a group and on Wednesday I was confronted by one person in the group.  I didn’t get upset by this.

I just needed to ponder it.  Whether I receive a compliment or criticism, I choose to feel centered and connected. My only job is to fully love and accept me, and if someone feels threatened by me or my views, then he/she needs to deal with their uncomfortable feelings, their inner story.  I’m not going to change simply to make someone comfortable.  I’m going to change to be more loving to myself and others. Do you expect others to change to meet your standards of conformity?  A wise woman recently told me, make the harder choice.  For me, the harder choice is to figure out how to be happy when things seem to be falling apart around me. So do I feel misunderstood?  No, I really don’t, mainly because I understand myself fairly well.  I’m clear on my purpose and where I’m headed.

It’s only when I doubt myself that I need someone else’s opinion of me to define me. If you find yourself
feeling isolated and alone, get to know yourself better and ease up on what you find.  You’re okay.

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Angie Monko,