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If there was ever a time to overcome our fear of people
pleasing and the need to wear a mask (pun intended) to
cover up our true thoughts and feelings, it would be now.

It would be very appropriate to speak up and question the
wrongs we see being committed. Protests and riots have
been rife in the US with the social injustice done against George
Floyd, who was killed by police in Minnesota.

Take a Stand for What is Just

Now is the time to take a stand for what is right, and when
I say “right” I mean just. We all have different beliefs that we
honestly arrived at through our varied experiences, and so
your truth may not be my truth.

But I’m talking about rights that each of us SHOULD have and
should not be denied.

According to the U.S. Declaration of Independence, we are
entitled to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.
These inalienable rights were given to us by our Creator, and
government’s job is to uphold these rights.

When government (such as with the police) over-extends their
boundaries as they have by killing a man, it’s time to speak up.
All of our freedoms have been put at risk.

When government becomes unduly influenced by large corporations
who have political, profit and power agendas through their lobbyists,
our freedom is at risk. It’s time to speak up.

We each have to determine if our freedom is worth speaking up
over and putting ourselves at risk.

There are many iniquities out there, and I believe that if we
REALLY knew what was happening (with vaccines, big pharma,
5G, our food industry, etc.), we’d be up in arms about it.

There is a time and place for anger. We get angry anytime we
feel something is unfair. I’m happy to see the protests happening,
because we SHOULD be angry. We should speak up.

I’m not advocating to return violence with more violence.
We can peacefully protest and take a stand. We should
all be able to do speak up without fear of persecution or being
called a quack, conspiracy theorist, crazy, etc.

I’m talking about questioning the status quo if something
doesn’t ring true in our gut, in our knowing.

What Women Want is a Threat to the Injustice
of the Status Quo

Glennon Doyle in Untamed lists various things that women
want: I want justice for all, I want joy and safety for my children
and for everyone’s children, I want to look at the news and see
less pain, more love, I want to feel alive….

She goes on to say, “The blueprints of heaven are etched in the
deep desires of women. What women want is good. What women
want is beautiful. And what women want
is dangerous, but not to
women. What women want is a threat to the injustice of the status
quo. If we unlocked and unleashed ourselves…trusted and claimed
our desires, the world as we know it would crumble. Perhaps that
is precisely what needs to happen so we can rebuild truer, more
beautiful lives, relationships, families, and nations in their place.”

We should be able to speak up without our voices being
censored on social media or google
being shut down, would you wonder what the other party
was trying to hide? I do.

At the end of the day, most of us want the same thing. Safety.
Security. Love. We need to honor and respect other people and
their beliefs.

But when injustices are being done, like with George Floyd,
it’s the people who can come together and make a difference.
It’s at this time we must unify against corruption, greed and fear.

Currently, our voices are being dumbed-down because there
is so much separation perpetuated by faulty “programming”
at the level of media and press. We definitely cannot believe
everything we hear. Question it. Does the information make
sense to your gut? Drop down into your Knowing.

We can be respectful of others even when they disagree. Their
hatred is a reflection of what’s going on with THEM, more than
anything we did or said. Words are very hurtful.

But it gets much harder to show respect when our physical
existence is being threatened. This bumps things up to another
level of activism.

So do you feel safe to question? Do you feel safe to act? If you
are highly sensitive like myself and many of my clients, probably not.
BUT FOR ME, continuing to keep my mouth shut is a bigger risk and
threat to our quality of life than trying to protect myself by hiding.

Morgan and I send you much love to get through this. We feel for
you and all those who suffer.

Please comment below. We welcome your feedback.


Angie & Morgan