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One of the very first coaches I ever spoke to, over 15 years ago asked me this from the very start of our conversation, “How safe do you feel in the Universe?”

My answer was, “Not very.”  Over the years, my feelings of safety have fluctuated between feeling very unsafe to very safe, depending on current circumstances.

As a highly sensitive person (HSP), it’s a common feeling to feel unsafe because we feel emotionally vulnerable and unprotected.

If an HSP grew up in an environment where his/her sensitivities were valued, appreciated and understood, life can feel safe indeed. Maybe our parents were also sensitive and aware of the subtle energies of emotion.

Though probably more common is feeling misunderstood, a stranger in a strange land where most people around us don’t have nearly as rich of an inner life.

Just so I am clear. I’m not here to propose that HSP’s are better than the other 80% of the population who don’t share the more sensitive nervous system that we HSP’s have.

My main message is communicate that we ARE different, but that it’s a “normal” different.  And there are plenty of us out there (20% of the globe).  My hope is that you will appreciate yourself for who you are.

My intention is create a movement in which HSP’s become AWARE that they are highly sensitive, appreciate themselves at a deep core level, and begin taking a more vocal stand for themselves and their

Why is this so important? Our society needs us.  It needs the harmony and gentleness we can provide because we’re more in touch with this feminine side of us.

Our society needs a balancing of feminine and masculine energies. We have all been conditioned to present more masculine tendencies, such as speaking, seeking accomplishments, acquiring more stuff, taking control, reaching goals, etc.

I have a lot of this masculine, dominant personality myself because I thought I was more valuable if I was accomplishing tasks. And I do appreciate this “get ‘er done” approach to life at times. But it’s not the only way.

I guess I’m getting older and wiser, dare I say. :) Grief has a way of hitting you between the eyes and getting you to wake up, if you’re going to wake up.

I see a need to bring more of my feminine nurturing side to the table to balance out my driven self. I can be VERY nurturing to people, especially my clients, but I could use some help in the area of being “motherly” to my family members.

Maybe this is because I feel they already ask a lot of me…..? I remember when Maddie would get real upset about something and have a mini panic attack and blame me for how she was feeling.

I had a hard time being compassionate during those times.  I’d want to say, “Your feelings are yours.  Take responsibility for them and stop blaming me.”

And although this is true, I could have helped her to put her fighting gloves away by just being with her in her pain and hugging her.  Just because she blamed me didn’t mean I had to take on that blame.

I could listen more…be present more…to bring out more of my feminine energy, and so can you.

And we can nurture others much better when we feel safe and protected ourselves first.  How do we do that? We have to create a feeling of safety within and for ourselves, through energy management and protection.

Your next step is to come to the Frontier to Your Freedom this Tuesday at 6:30pm at Olive Oils & More in Edwardsville, IL.

The ultimate transformation that I promise is for you to feel safe to be YOU. Take a stand for yourself first so you can more meaningfully help others in a way that won’t wear you out.

You know how important this is to you as an HSP, to help others grow and be their best. See you Tuesday!


Angie Monko