My 18-year-old daughter, Chelsea, and I were talking the other day about a friend of hers who was feeling down. This friend, Jane we will call her, wanted to isolate herself because she did not know where she was heading with her life.  She felt like a loser.

Jane said she did not want to come around our family and bring everyone down, and she said that she did not want us to feel sorry for her.  Chelsea re-assured her that we do not feel sorry for her at all, but we believe she can figure out her life.  Chelsea reminded her that she was worthy of getting that kind of support.

As soon as she said that, I honed in because it is a great reminder for all of us.  So I asked Chelsea to to write up a small article for today’s newsletter.  See below. Note that this is ALL her; I do not change the content and barely the grammar for my girls.

“We have all experienced moments in our lives in which we feel lost or out of connection. This disconnection of what to do with ourselves and our future creates a false, and certainly draining, belief that we aren’t good enough. When we feel this way, the best reaction would be to journal, meditate, pray, etc. to create a positive, moving energy to get us out of our slump. More times than not though, we choose to seclude ourselves and buy into the ego’s chatter.

We feel we must do something on our own or prove ourselves to the world, when in fact the one who needs proof, is ourselves. We need proof that we ARE good enough; we need proof that we CAN have a happy, fulfilling life; that we DO deserve support. Since we all are connected, the best thing to do when we are feeling lost and unworthy is to surround ourselves with individuals who have our best interests in mind and will support us no matter what.

These people that we are blessed to have in our lives are the reason why our hard times are easier; so why push them away in our time of need due to an unworthy feeling? Although the words seem easy to instruct, I’ve been there and I know it isn’t so simple…for any of us! But it is extremely possible, and quite rewarding.  It feels amazing to sit in a room with people of high energy that love you, after having a bad day at work. The positivity and possibilities seem to be extracted in those moments with them on the couch; those moments distract us from our negative clouding thoughts.

I challenge you to first ask yourself if you feel worthy of support. After you find your answer, test yourself by surrounding yourself with supportive people when you feel lost and down.  You will know, by the chatter in your brain, if indeed you feel worthy of support. If not, it’s okay!  Start to see the goodness in yourself and over time you will receive the support you have always truly deserved.”

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To Your Transformation,

Angie Monko