Do you ever feel like food is both your best friend and your biggest enemy, at the same time?

It’s your best friend because it’s always there to comfort you and soothe your uncomfortable feelings.
It’s your enemy because it causes you to feel guilty, inadequate, weak-willed and sometimes like you’re going out of your mind. That is why it seems you have this love-hate relationship with food.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could transform all of your negative emotion about food and how it will impact your body to neutral or positive emotion?  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could accept yourself right where you’re at?

You are an energetic being with a point of attraction or vibration, and everything in the Universe is responding to your vibration, even your computer and inanimate objects.  The idea, then, is that you need to clean up your vibration around food.  This is not always easy when reality is staring you in the face. What do I mean by clean up your vibration?  You need to start thinking about food in such a way that it brings you feelings of relief.  You don’t have to eat sugar or starchy carbs or anything you don’t want to.  You CAN eat any food, as long as you’re in vibrational alignment with it. If all of your life food has been the enemy, then you have some aligning to do.

If you look at carbs and sweets and gain 5 pounds, you know what I mean.  Reality is telling you (because it’s been confirmed over and over again in your experience) that you’ll gain weight if you eat certain foods.  I want to be very clear that I’m not suggesting any particular food plan for you to follow.  It really doesn’t matter as far as the principle I’m discussing. What does matter is that you feel good about the food plan.  You feel that it is serving you and leading you in the direction of your authentic self.  You’ll know if this is the case because you’ll feel happy and energized by your food. I would like to suggest that you read Paul McKenna’s book, I Can Make You Thin.  In his book, he advises you to follow 4 golden rules:

A.  When you are hungry, eat.
B.  Eat what you want, not what you think you should.
C.  Eat consciously and enjoy every mouthful.
D.  When you think you are full, STOP eating.

Although these rules seem simple and they are, they are not exactly easy to follow.  After all, you’ve been strongly conditioned to believe certain food is bad for you.  And how in the world are you going to be able to tell if you’re full?  Many people have lived with being out of tune with their body for so long that they no longer receive the message they are full. Perhaps try these four golden rules for a couple of weeks, and then keep trying them.  You won’t most likely “get” them all over night, but if you persist, you’ll reap great rewards. When you starve yourself, your body freaks out and goes into survival mode because it thinks there is a famine and stores fat in your cells. Consistently overriding your body’s natural call for food slows your metabolism so your body can conserve energy.

It also sets up dysfunctional patterns of thinking in the subconscious in relation to food.  This subtle tension around food sets up a powerful neuro-chemical change in the brain that leads to false hunger signals and patterns of craving and binging.  The less you trust your body, the less trustworthy your body’s messages become. Of course, I recommend that you use meridian tapping to help you change how you think about food.  And I recommend that you schedule an appointment if you are truly ready to end the love-hate relationship with food.

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Angie Monko