Dear Friends,

Do you ever get in moods where you just feel like being alone?  Honor that feeling. Sometimes it feels good to be alone and comfortable with ourselves, just enjoying our time to read, meditate, walk, etc. But this is not what I mean by isolate.  I mean wanting to hide under the covers when the alarm clock goes off, wanting to stay at home and avoid social situations because they make you uncomfortable, not feeling
connected to others, feeling alienated. Like I said, there is a certain healthy level of alone time we should all strive for.

However, you need to be aware when your desire to be alone is no longer healthy but originates from a need to separate from others. I think it’s vital to search within ourselves for answers.  Why do people frighten you?  Is it because you worry about their judgments, are afraid of confrontation of any kind, even if it is appropriate, or want to please others at all costs? Everyone has their own “writing on their walls,”
their experience in life thus far that defines their set of beliefs and habits and how they view the world.  Whenever you disagree with someone, remind yourself that it is never personal between two people.  It’s always the “writing on the wall” that creates conflict.

Every single day, you and I judge other people, and we are being judged, good or bad.  This is impossible to avoid.  Try to make peace with the process and be confident in who you are.  Use EFT to clear away disrupted energy that keeps you in fear and isolation of others.

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Have a blessed day!

Angie Monko