May I have your attention? Please take my hand, and allow me to take you on a journey, a brief reprieve from your every day life and responsibilities.

It’s Friday afternoon and you’re about to leave for a weekend women’s retreat in a beautiful natural setting.  You’ll be staying in a cabin with several other women.

You’re anxious because you don’t know many people. You’re leaving your familiar home and comfort zone.
What if they don’t like you, or you don’t like them?  Ugh…then you’re stuck with them for an entire weekend.

What if you sleep next to someone who snores? Oh well, the good news is that you don’t have to worry about hyper-planning before typical vacations because everything will be prepared for you. And it’s just over the weekend, and so you won’t get too behind with anything.

You will be served delicious, organic meals and snacks, and there will be no clean up, you remind yourself.  You simply need to show up and be present.  Slow down…. You can do this.

Someone else will take care of you for a change. Nature will nourish you.  Allow your shoulders to drop in relaxation. Allow yourself to deeply breathe in the cool, clean air of October. Smell the fall leaves.

This is time just for you.  Replenish your heart and soul. Release all of the frantic thoughts.  It’s OK to slow down and get some nurturing and support from other women.

So you get in your car and drive to the retreat center. You get out of your vehicle and are greeted with warm smiles.

After you get settled into your cabin, you go to join the other women for an amazing dinner that tantalizes your taste buds, that you actually get to savor and digest…

The women are great!  They are just being themselves, each of them eager for fun, laughter, connection, and relaxation.

Next, the circle of women gathers around an inviting campfire, where they meet their weekend guides and get to know each other better. A safe space for personal transformation is created. Your heart is warmed.

You stay up later than normal, visiting with friends, some new and and some familiar. You finally settle down and fall asleep in excited anticipation for what the rest of the weekend will bring.

If this sounds intriguing to you, please consider coming to Path to Joyful Authenticity:  A Women’s Retreat.

If you register by 8/31, your name will be entered into a raffle, and you’ll be given an opportunity to receive an amazing gift bundle valued at nearly $550 from each of the guides, that includes:

1) Facilitated medicine walk to explore your vision, business, or to make a critical decision. Includes pre-walk session, walk experience, and recorded coaching session to explore the answers provided by Mother Nature (Deborah Leeann Morley $97 value)

2) Customized healing code (powerful energy technique to replace destructive cellular images with empowering ones) to heal your heart and related beliefs so you can truly be FREE and live on purpose
(Angie Monko $147 value)

3) Relationship Coaching and Chakra Clearing and Balancing Session. Manifest, enhance or revitalize your most important relationship by aligning your core energy with Unconditional Love! (Sandy Tomey $150 value)

4) 90 minute healing session where you release the energetic, emotional and physical tensions that cause holding in the body and let your light shine just a little brighter. Remember the beauty of your existence (Christine Hughes $150 value).

To Your Transformation,

Angie Monko