Dear Fellow Seekers,

Do you obsess over food or body image?  Do you constantly think about food and what your next meal will be or even the next few days of meals?  Do you fantasize about eating out at your special restaurants and the pleasure certain foods will bring you?  Do you despise your body, certain body parts, stretch marks, imperfections? You look in the mirror and perhaps see a pregnant thermometer, if you have thin legs and in your mind a gigantic stomach?

Maybe you’re only a few pounds overweight, but it seems like 100.  Your thoughts seem out of proportion compared to reality.  These are obsessive thoughts. You don’t necessarily ACT on them, but they sure do zap a lot of your energy, don’t they?  More than you realize…. And these thoughts allow you to continue the internal picture you have of yourself, that you’re fat and ugly and worthless, even though others know this to be false.  What matters the most is what’s going on inside of your head.  You could have 100 people tell you how beautiful you are, but if this opinion doesn’t match your inner beliefs about yourself, you’re not buying it—ever!

When you start acting on your obsessive thoughts, you are acting compulsively.  I know from my own experience this feels like a “letting go,” but not a good letting go. For example, you’re on a diet. You’ve been depriving yourself for days, and life seems boring, anxious and unfair without your comfort foods.  You’re sick of salads and resolutions and white knuckling it with the food.  This feels like torture.  You see a big piece of your favorite cake with icing (a lot of icing!).  You know you shouldn’t indulge because you’ll feel even worse afterwards.  You decide to “let go” anyway.  You’ve made a decision or choice that almost seems like it’s being made for you.  It’s that strong of a compulsion. After you eat the cake, you say “What the hell?”  I’ve screwed up and I might as well eat the whole cake and then something salty too.  So the binge begins.  Next, the self-loathing sets in.  You’ve lost even more confidence in your ability to eat food like a normal person.  The cycle of dieting starts again—deprivation and letting go.  Sound familiar?

Don’t fret even though this may sound hopeless.  There is a solution!  Stay tuned for the next blog about why diets don’t work and what that solution is.

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Peace & Blessings,

Angie Monko