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Probably no where does people pleasing show
up more obviously than with our romantic partner.

Our identity is so enmeshed with this person we
call our mate, partner, spouse, lover, significant other.

You Either Fight or Shut Up

As women who notice that we people please,
we wonder, “How can I be successful in my career/
business, but when it comes to standing up
for myself with my partner, really honestly
communicating my wants/needs, I become a mute

Another scenario is also common. We get in a
power struggle and find ourselves giving our
power away to them.

We do plenty of arguing and defending ourselves,
and speaking up is not an issue. It’s frustrating though
because we feel out of control, like a child who is hurt
because she’s not gotten her way.

Can you relate? I’m being really blunt with you because
I know you can handle it. After all, you NOTICE that you
people please AND you no longer want to.

You’re in the right place to change this pattern.

Why should you do this?

The Subtle Irritants of Life Lead to Disconnection

Your happy union is at stake. So whether you
argue a ton or feel silenced into submission, the
subtle irritants of life are what lead you to frustration
which leads to depression which leads to disconnection,
affairs, addiction, and general misery.

On the other hand, when you begin to speak your truth in
a kind but firm way, no longer being the door mat who takes
life all on her shoulders or the cutting, cold woman who
distances herself to keep safe, intimacy returns.

When We Shift, THEY Get So Much Nicer

Our partner, all of the sudden, begins to show more gentle
interest in us, is willing to help us out when we get in tight
spots, looks at us differently, with a longing to connect.

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Angie Monko