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Merry Christmas if you celebrate this holiday!
May you have a peaceful holiday and be present
with those you love.

I thought this idea of wanting more was appropriate
for a day in which many exchange gifts. So much
emphasis is put on how many presents we have under
the tree.

Disclaimer: I love gifts too, both giving and receiving them!
This message is not intended to instill guilt or shame
about your desire for stuff, but to raise awareness and
get you to think how we’ve become a society of consumers,
rather than identifying as citizens (idea from Lynne Twist).

3 Toxic Myths of Insufficiency

Lynne Twist (author of The Soul of Money) says there are
3 toxic myths of insufficiency.

1st toxic myth: there is not enough time, money, love. Our
culture demands everything from us and tells us there isn’t
enough to go around.

We don’t have enough time, money, love, sleep, sex, etc……
this creates so much stress.  “I didn’t get enough done!”
It makes it right to accumulate way more than what we
need. Someday when we have enough, we’ll help others
and share. This is a very damaging us versus them mindset that
will always leave someone out (win/lose).

2nd toxic myth: More is better! We know we’re trapped in
this mindset if we think we need more of everything all the time.
We swim in this culture. The storage industry is booming in
order to take care of all the stuff we can’t store in our homes.

When we start to enjoy what we have and nourish ourselves
with activities that bring us true fulfillment and connection,
that is true prosperity that can’t be taken away.

Even people with billions of dollars feel they need more—the
private jet and yacht aren’t enough—they need to buy an island
to fly their jet to. This more-is-better seduction robs us of what
life is all about—LOVE.

“I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything
they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer.”  – Jim Carrey

3rd toxic myth: That’s just the way it is! This resignation binds all
the myths together and fills us with a hopelessness and helplessness
that perpetuates the first two myths.

The belief underlying the drive for more is I’m not enough.
We can never get enough done, or accomplish enough or feel
good enough about ourselves, and so we satiate this “falling
short” with buying more stuff.

How will YOU Bust Through These Myths?

So what can you do about this, now that you’re aware just how
immersed we are as a culture in NOT ENOUGH?

You will have to find a path that works for you. I will share
what I imperfectly do (I have not arrived!), and then you
alter that and make it your own.

I have a solid daily self-care routine. I allow time every
day to go within and connect with myself. I keep a gratitude
journal, read inspiring literature, do the Tibetan yoga rites,
Donna Eden’s daily energy, and Alex Loyd’s trilogy.

On most days, I will tap about 5 minutes using emotional
freedom techniques and meditate around 10 minutes. These
last two practices help me so much, but yet my mind resists
them about 10% of the time. And that’s OK!

I know this sounds like a lot, and I guess you could say
I’m high maintenance when it comes to managing my energy.
And that’s OK!

You MUST Manage Your Energy, Empath

If you are highly sensitive, empathic, a healer, intuitive,
kinesthetic, absorb everyone’s energy like a sponge,
then you know managing and grounding your energy
is essential to your peace and happiness.

You don’t have to do all of this, but you will want to pick
about 10 minutes daily (minimum) to center yourself. It
will depend on how much energy you need to give to others.

If you are a coach or healer, then you’ll probably need more.
We give a lot, right?

If each of us could make the shift from focusing on our
outer resources, how much money and stuff we have
(because this will never make us happy), to developing a
strong inner resource, where we love our self no matter
how productive we are in a day, we will be well on our
way to true prosperity and sufficiency.

I invite you to have a conversation with me about
SHIFTING from this insufficiency mindset that will have
you people pleasing others and move into true
prosperity of Empowered Loving.

Morgan Higdon and I are growing our Loving Self-Advocate
group. We have 6 women (and 1 conscious man), and we
want to grow to at least 30 next year.

The 2020 group kicks off Monday, January 13, 2020.
Email or call me
(314-422-6520) to take the first step.

Much Love,

Angie Monko