Do you remember your high school prom?

This weekend is both of my girls’ proms.  Chelsea’s prom was last night (5/4).  See below pictures.
Chelsea is the girl in the purplish-blue gown, and her boyfriend, Nick, is standing right behind her.
They both look so gorgeous!  Chelsea is a junior and this is her first year attending prom. Maddie’s
prom is tonight, Cinco de Mayo, and she’s attending with her girlfriend, Alex, at her old high school
in Staunton, IL.  Maddie had to be invited to attend since she’s only a sophomore.

I’ll show pictures of Maddie on my next newsletter. Boy, how these girls prepare for prom!  It’s a little bit different than when I attended my prom in 1986.  They get their nails, makeup and hair professionally done.  They spend countless hours shopping for the perfect dress that won’t be worn by anyone else.  They then spend more time looking for the right shoes and accessories. Notice how form-fitting the dresses are of today.  Quite fancy!  I guess you could say prom is a very big deal to these girls! When I was in high school, we had the big hoop dresses, like Scarlett O’Hara wore.

I went to a small town school in Worden, IL, with only about 100 people in the entire school. I was crowned prom queen in 1986.  It was a day I won’t forget.  My escort was only a friend, not my boyfriend.  We danced and laughed and had a wonderful time. I think part of me felt surprised that I was bestowed this honor, simply because I was never one of the flashy types of girls.  I was just me.  I was nice to everyone, didn’t gossip and get embroiled in drama.  I guess that goes to show people really do appreciate someone who is genuine.  I also wasn’t attached to receiving the title. High school prom, for most of us, represents a time
in our lives when we are at the height of our physical beauty, and we are eager to have fun and really live full out.  And even as much as we are beautiful on the outside, we are equally as confused on the inside.

We are still trying to figure out who we are. Do you feel triggered when you think of your prom? Maybe you didn’t even go and feel isolated and lonely and rejected.  Maybe you feel nostalgic, like it was a chapter in your life that you’d like to get back but aren’t able to.  It might even make you feel like a failure, because you were so full of hopes back then, but time has eroded those dreams. For me, it was an era that was a part of my path.  I wasn’t all that attached to the experience, but I had fun.  I tend to not live in the past.  If you do struggle with your past and in particular your high school prom, just observe what comes up for you.  Use the feelings that surface as an opportunity to heal a certain part of you. I’m The Relationship Renovator.

I can help you renovate the relationship you have with the teenager within.  This teenager often is rebellious and wants a lot of attention.  Sound familiar?  May your special teens have a wonderful and mindfully safe prom!

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