Life is all about change.  A study was done that looked for a common denominator amongst successful people.  That common denominator was that all had a willingness to change, and some could even predict change. Change is not easy because we fear the unknown.  And the real challenge is that what we expect often comes to pass.  “What the mind of a person can conceive and believe the mind of a person can achieve” according to Napoleon Hill.

Unfortunately, most of us conceive and believe we are not enough. We expect mediocre results, and we come up with some amazing rationalizations as to why it’s okay not to stretch ourselves. “I’m happy where I am.”  “I’m content with my life.”  “I don’t need a fancy car or home.”  “I’m simple.”  “I just want to spend time with my dog, family and friends.” “I don’t really have a life purpose, but that’s okay because I’m more simple than most.”  And on and on. I totally understand and respect when people are truly content with their life.

They enjoy living in the moment and they live simply.  Nothing wrong with that.  But when does it cross the line and become an excuse not to be our best Self?  When does it become an excuse to stay in our comfort zone and not take a risk? Perhaps we can ask ourselves the question:  “Am I loving, giving and serving others in my life?  Am I being my best, authentic SELF?” If we can honestly answer yes to these questions, then by all means continue to live simply.

This is abundant living! If we are just wasting the days away with activity that leaves us feeling guilty or drained, then we might want to consider a different approach.  Our hidden motivation to not change is probably due to fear that we aren’t worthy of success and/or that we will fail and so why try. If we are feeling lazy and procrastinating, it’s probably because we don’t enjoy what we do or how we are living.  And it may be because we are too caught up in our egos and are being selfish.

We don’t care about helping others or making a difference.  I’m not suggesting we all have to be life coaches, but what about doing something that fills us with anticipation and joy?  I don’t believe any one is truly lazy when they are excited about something. If we become aware that there is a part of us that wants to change and there is a part that doesn’t, our life will become easier. We can become the observer in your life.  When things go “wrong,” we don’t have to get all bent out of joint.

We can smile and say to the sabotaging behavior, “Oh there you are!  I love you anyway!” This is a form of not resisting what is. I can help teach you how to not resist.

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God Bless,

Angie Monko