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How do you feel when you browse social media? Or watch the news?

I have to be discerning when it comes to what I “program” my
mind with—TV isn’t called programming for nothing.

Does my heart rate increase? Do I feel angry and disconnected?
Do I get into fear and feel powerless over circumstances after
partaking of news events?

If so, we have a choice. We can stop watching, stop indulging (at
least as often) in the input that brings us off center.

I DO watch and listen to a lot of things, and I have to take some of
it in increments because it’s so bothersome.

There is a divide happening in our US society, between political
parties, races, beliefs, values… What is causing the divide?
Who is causing it? Can we stop it?

You’ve heard the sayings, “Divide and conquer,” “United we stand,”
“We are stronger if we are together,” and “We can do this together.”

The battle cry of the media is “We can do this together,” but from
my vantage point, our country is anything but together. That’s not
to say some groups aren’t forming because they are, but solidarity
is a state of mind that begins within ourselves. When we form a
group, what is the mindset of the group—is it one of inclusiveness
and seeking peaceful solutions, or is it one of finger pointing and
fighting against?

Maybe it’s not important to figure out WHO the puppeteers causing
the divide are because that discussion itself will create more division,
accusing others of being conspiracy theorists and such.

What IS important is that we become more conscious and aware.
Check in with ourselves and seek the truth of our own knowing.

If something feels true deep in our core, then we need to follow that
and be loyal to ourselves. We must also be aware that we can easily
deceive ourselves in order to keep us safe. The first chakra and our
flight or fight part of the brain is being triggered right now.

What if we use the FEAR vs LOVE filter to decide how to think about
the world right now. Does our thought come from a place of love or

We don’t have to agree with everyone. If we know who we are, then
we don’t have to refer to another for how we should think. And we
don’t have to be perfect in how we think either. Our intention matters
much more than anyone’ else’s opinion.

How can I spread more love, unity and acceptance, from my heart?

I’ll end with this quote from Archibald MacLeish “Love becomes
the ultimate answer to the ultimate human question.”

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Angie & Morgan