Dear Friend,

I just spent the last week in Keywest, FL with my family.  See the photo below.  Instead of going to our normal resort, we stayed with friends, a couple in their mid-30s.  This has its pros and cons.  There are more conveniences, like having sunscreen, band aids, fried eggs when you want them.  On the other hand, you have less privacy and more potential conflict. Everyone had a great time, and we all got along well.  It helped that my whole family is wearing the complaint-free bracelet.

If you’re like us, you really look forward to vacation but there’s also a little anxiety because you’re thrown off your routine. Some people, like my daughter, feel like vacation is a time to completely abandon healthy habits, and then feel guilty about it.  I, in the past, have fallen into the opposite end of the spectrum.  I did all of my routine to the point of being inflexible.  I might cramp someone else’s style out of fear of abandoning my meditation or morning ritual.  I even used to work out while on vacation, and I didn’t eat any sweets or such. Today I feel I have a healthy balance.  Instead of a tough workout, I’ll walk with someone I love if it works out with our schedule.

One thing I do for myself is meditate because I want to.  I make decisions out of love for myself and not out of fear of failing to do something. If I felt like having something sweet to eat, I did. It is one thing to eat sweets for comfort and to avoid life.  It is another thing to savor the pleasure of a food in moderation and joy.  It feels unhealthy to me to make decisions (such as avoiding foods and over-exercising) out of fear of gaining weight.  It also helped me to do a brief tapping exercise on learning to relax around food. During vacation, I felt free to be and do what I wanted.  If I wanted to drink alcohol, I did, and if I didn’t want to, I didn’t.  Peer pressure can get to you if you aren’t confident in yourself (see article below).  On our last night in Keywest, I felt pressured and put on the spot to go out for drinks after dinner. I firmly and kindly said no, and my husband graciously supported me.

I privately told him he was free to go if he wanted, and I’m grateful he didn’t want to.  I could tell his people-pleasing side almost caved in. We spent a couple of days at the beach, a couple of days shopping and sightseeing in downtown Keywest, a day on the boat and snorkeling, and a day celebrating a friend’s birthday.  I’m grateful for a fun, laid back vacation and to be back home too!

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Much Love to YOU,

Angie Monko