Do I trust God 100%????

No, I don’t.  I wish I could say I trust God implicitly, but I’m just not there.  I prayed to God to help me trust totally.  That is my intention.  So I ask this question to myself:  How can I more fully trust that God has my back?  I know that when we ask, we are answered.  We may not like the answer, but it always comes. I asked God to remove my defect of character of impatience, and, of course, I’m getting more opportunities to practice how serious I am about having it removed.  We can always choose gratitude no matter what
happens to us.

Bill Baren, a successful hypnotist with a thriving on-line business, sent an article that really touched me.  He admitted to a passion for playing poker, even though he knew people would judge him for such an “un-spiritual” type of practice.  He explained that he enrolls in the World Series of Poker ($10,000 to just play) every year.  So he’s pretty serious about it. He says that he loves the competition, but that he also gets to practice gratitude about 30-50 times every hour, or something like that.  He wins and he’s grateful.  He loses and he’s grateful.  The key is he gets to choose gratitude no matter what happens.  What a lesson!

Since my husband, Steve, loves poker too, it gave me a new perspective on how to think about his playing the game.  Of course, I forwarded the email to him too.  :))) Again, I wish I could say that I am merely an observer of my life, but I’m not there…yet…  I am continually pulled back into the web of ego every day, into the illusion of fear and lack.  Deep, deep down I know fear and lack are completely made up, creations of my imagination.  They appear SO REAL! The good news is that I spend less and less time there.  Years ago, I spent years at a time in fear.  As I looked within and discovered more of my true essence of creative
expression and love, I found there was less and less to be feared and more and more to be grateful for.  Then the years turned into months and then into weeks and then into hours of perpetual fear. Now it’s rare for me to spend hours in fear and in ego.

It has become more like minutes and seconds of each day.  My trick?  I don’t resist.  I observe. I look for the lessons in my pain.  I look for the love and support in my life.  I know I have good friends I can trust and count upon to see me through the dreary moments. I have loved ones who truly love me.  I have God who unconditionally loves me and never leaves my side. How good can life get?  The sky is the limit.  I am grateful for you too…you who read my ramblings and somehow relate to what I’m saying…you who take what you like and leave the rest…you who actually apply some of my suggestions for peace.

Let’s make this world better, a more lovely place, one thought at a time.  Suffering is optional. For today, I wonder how I can more fully trust God?  It just came to me!  I can spread peace, love and joy through my actions and be still and know that God is as close as my breath. You’ve heard the saying, “Don’t just sit there!  Do something!”  Well how about this twist:  “Don’t just do something, sit there!”  Yes, meditate my dear people.  Start by getting quiet for a minute a day, and then keep adding a minute until you are up to 15-20 minutes daily. This would go a long way in spreading world peace.

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Be the Peace You Want to See in the World,

Angie Monko