Are you using up all your energy caring for others?

As caregivers, we tend to put others’ needs before our own. Usually this is due to caring for an aging parent, loved one with special needs, or a family member suffering from a mental illness.

Whatever the case may be, this often leaves us feeling trapped in a no-win situation. “What about me? I have needs too!”  Feelings of resentment and exhaustion are trying to get our attention.  Are we listening?

Do you feel like you have no time for yourself and are unappreciated and unrecognized? This is a real issue that almost everyone experiences at some point in his/her life.

The good news is that there ARE solutions and ways to create win/wins for all involved. Putting your needs first does NOT mean that you have to abandon your responsibilities and giving/caring for others.

Ready to get the appreciation, love and support you deserve?

Come join us and meet others who are experiencing what you are going through and learn some tips, insights and boundary setting techniques.

PS) Thanks for giving so much of yourself to support others!  Isn’t it your turn now?

See you there!

In gratitude,
Angie M