Do you want a quick fix to your food problem?

To your weight problem?  To your money problem?  To your relationship problem? I find people are looking for this magic elixir that will propel them into a perpetual state of happiness and bliss. If you really want a quick fix, I have found the fastest way to peace and joy and fulfillment is to come to know your Source, to understand where 99.99% of your power supply is generated and then tap into it.  If you, like many, aren’t comfortable with the notion of a Source or Higher Power, it’s probably because your definition of this Infinite Intelligence is skewed by your own faulty perception.

You are projecting your anger and sadness and fear onto a Higher Power/God that most likely resembles your mom or dad.  We all do this subconsciously.  We think that God is like our parents, and since our parents had their share of flaws and defects, we don’t wish to rely on a Higher Power like that.  I don’t blame you. I wouldn’t either.  Who wants to rely on a vengeful, angry God? If you fall into the cynical
category and are struggling with your relationship to a Higher Power, then you might consider a Higher Power relationship makeover.  Redefine how you think about God, how your relate, how you communicate.

Even if you claim to be an atheist, can you think of anything that has greater power than your ego? Does anything exist in the Universe that is more powerful than your ego self?  What about nature or energy that is never created or destroyed?  It could be a group that you belong to that you highly respect.  It doesn’t have to be the conventional Higher Power. Now if you are very resistant to this entire article, that’s okay.
It simply means you aren’t ready for a quick fix.  You would prefer to do it your way. I encourage you to take an honest appraisal of how “your way” is working.

If you aren’t happy and if your way feels like hard work and you just aren’t getting the results you want, why continue to do things the same way? There is a better, quicker way.  As a coach, I give my clients all sorts of techniques and tips (which work quite well, I must admit), and they will make progress if they do as instructed.  But it’s my client who is willing to surrender his/her control over life to a Higher Power who makes the quickest progress.  Once they surrender, they find they have much more control over their own mind and heart.

Speaking of control, I’d like to make a certain distinction.  It is not good to try to control everything and everyone around you.  This is a waste of energy and time and effort. However, the effort that will give you the most return on your time investment is to learn how to control your own mind and emotions and how you respond to life. If you need help in renovating your relationship to a Higher Power because you want to begin getting fast results to your problems, call or email me.  It will be the best call you ever made.

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Angie Monko