Do you experience doubt and insecurity regularly?

Do you not trust your intelligence, your body, your word, others’ word, your friends, your colleagues, the
basic support of the Universe and who you are?

If so, you’re normal.  We all feel this way at times. We can find all sorts of reasons to not trust. We need
simply consult our past and all the times people have let us down and the times we’ve let our self down.

The majority of people do not keep their word. It’s a pretty rare thing. I’m not trying to be all “judgy”
here either.  It’s a reality of the human story.

Look at your own experience of actually doing what you say, or others doing what they say they will. I’m
not perfect with this either, and I mess up.

Having integrity with my words and following up happens to be one of my character’s strengths.  As the saying goes, “Our word is all we have.”

We can lose our home, our retirement, our friends and family, but no one can take our honor and integrity from us.

When we keep our word, with our self and others, it builds character, and, more importantly, it strengthens our ability to trust.

Why is this important? Having a solid foundation of trust in ourselves and others (in a discerning fashion because not everyone deserves our trust) is the building block material of healthy relationships.

So what? Healthy relationships determine the quality of our lives. If we lack the ability to create thriving relationships, where we feel we are loved and belong, it will eventually destroy our health, because the negative emotions take over and hurt our immune system health.

When we hold onto grudges and resentments, it can reduce our capacity to earn money because such feelings can drain our energy and act as huge distractions to our focus.

Would you like to build your trust muscle so that you can  have a fulfilling life? Happy relationships, good health, and feeling prosperous equate to fulfillment in my book.  How about for you?

Let’s schedule a time to talk. In this short conversation, you and I will identify your challenges and goals, and I’ll help you come up with possible solutions.

I’m passionate about helping you create a life that really works for you.

There’s a lot at stake here, your health and well-being and the impact and influence you have on your family and every life you touch.

Take action today!

Angie Monko