Do you believe that if you worry things will get done? If so, you’re not alone.  Especially around the holidays, women tend to go into hyper-drive with all they need to get done.

When we worry, we tend to try to control outcomes. We are so concerned with how others perceive of us,
our image (how we look, dress, behave, what we drive, where we live, our choices, etc.), that we are
paralyzed with fear to be ourselves.

We worry.  We then try to control.  We then try to protect ourselves, what we identify as our personality.  Some people call this the EGO.  Basically, we try to protect all aspects of ourselves that we cling or attach to.

If we took away all of those attachments, what remains, is who we really are, our Essence. Pretty scary proposition, huh?

But what if we could just surrender all of those things that we attach to?  Is this giving up on our dreams? I
don’t think so.  It’s giving up the one thing we never had anyway….control.

“We,” the EGO personality, are not in charge here, never have been and never will be.  The EGO will tell us
otherwise because it has a terrible need for importance and protection.

This is actually very good news, but it can seem just the opposite, especially if you’re a good “doer,” a “get ‘er done” type, like myself.

I’ve always applauded my ability to get things done and be efficient and productive.  So when I realized that I’ve been chasing after things that don’t really matter, like the trappings of success (the image stuff I mentioned above), it was a shock to my mind.

This is a pretty involved topic.  I want to keep it fairly light today.  My main point is to ditch the worry. Things are going to unfold.  Worry and trying to control won’t change that, but it could give you more of what you don’t want.

Something to ponder….

PS) Watch my video here and comment with your experiences!