Hi Everyone,

My church, the Soul-Esteem Center, had a business expo in December, and I met a woman, Catherine Hughes,  who does animal readings, whether they are for living or deceased pets. Quite interesting!  My 14-year-old daughter, Chelsea, really wanted to have one done for our dog, Kipper.  So we did. It was very intriguing how she knew so much about my family through our nearly 5-year-old yellow labradoodle (1/2 lab, 1/2 standard poodle).  She says she gets thoughts from the animal and she relays this to you.  Kipper shared information about me, my husband and two kids that was right on!  For example, his “Mom,” (this is Chelsea– she picked him out when he was a puppy shortly after she moved in with us, after her Mom died) rescued him.  He would love for Chelsea to walk him more and that she could never over-do
this daily activity.  He is very bonded with Chelsea and just encourages her patience.

He said he loves my daughter, Maddie (13), and that she is a little spacy and scattered and this doesn’t quite feel like home to her yet (she just moved in with us from living with her Dad in August).  He said that my husband, Steve, really loves to fish and not to deny him this pleasure, and speaking of fish, he’d like to eat more of that himself!  He said he was proud of me, being a new Dog Mom, and that I’ve adjusted well to him being here.  At first, I didn’t like the idea of an animal living in my house because I’d had a prior bad experience with that.  Oh well. I got my kids gift certificates for Christmas for them to get recorded dog readings.  I believe we have a lot to learn from our pets.  I spent some time yesterday, lovingly petting
Kipper, and it was so relaxing.  Animals give us unconditional love, and normally we give this back to them.  Thnink about it.  Who is often the best-treated living thing in our homes?  Our pets!  If we could love like they do, oh my gosh, this world would be so amazingly different and on the next level of consciousness.

So go hug your pet and thank him/her for how much they teach you about unconditional love! 🙂