Dear Friends,

I had the honor of hearing don Miguel Ruiz and his son, don Jose Ruiz, who visited St. Louis last night.  don Miguel is the author of the Four Agreements and he says in this book, “The freedom we are looking for is the freedom to be ourselves, to express ourselves. But if we look at our lives we will see that most of the time we do things just to please others, just to be accepted by others, rather than living our lives to please ourselves. That is what happened to our freedom.”

They were a lovely couple of souls who obviously adored, respected and loved each other, often hugging and affectionate.  Their main message, as I interpret it, is to love ourselves and find peace and harmony there first.  This is how we can change the world.  This morning I awoke with a new purpose for my life, one I’ve been crafting for the last few months:  I am peace, joy and love.  It starts with me!
The Universe has brought me many teachers lately that all seem SO congruent and leading me to the same message.  The teachers are A Course in Miracles, Ho’oponopono, Byron Katie and The Four Agreements, not to mention two women mentors I’m working with.

The message is that we 100% create our own reality and happiness.  We have so much power!  Our thinking is what creates our suffering.  We’ve been telling ourselves lies about who we really are for so long.  Our experience teaches us belief systems, and we don’t want to subject these belief systems (BS you might call them) to inquiry.  We don’t want to grow up and take responsibility for everything.  So we
blame and we hold grudges and we don’t forgive ourselves and others 100%. Of course, I’m including myself in this analysis.       I love my new purpose and mission: I am peace, love and joy.  With everything I do, I plan to get in the habit of examining my actions and thoughts.  Did that thought promote peace, love and joy within myself, or was it an attack thought?

Did my action towards myself or another promote peace, love and joy, or did it bring more suffering?  This is really simple stuff.  The way I see it is that we simply ask ourselves this one simple question ALL of the time:  Am I promoting love, joy or peace with my thoughts and actions or not? This will help keep me on my toes.  It will help keep me aware.  My job is to fall madly in love with myself and not be ashamed of it.

Like don Miguel said in his quote above, we sell ourselves out and lose our freedom by needing others’ acceptance and approval and love.  We ARE love, and so we just need to remember this and stop searching for it.  It’s right inside of us if we will allow it to emerge.

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God Bless!

Angie Monko,

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