Dear Friends,

Have you been enjoying your summer?  The weather has been ideal here in St. Louis the last few days.  I would like to honor my Grandma Eller who just passed away on September 7, her 90th birthday.  She lived a long, happy life, and she will be missed.  I always find it odd when people exit this world on their birthdays, like completing a cycle.  I love you, Grandma! We have a family tradition of going to Six Flags the Sunday before every Labor Day.

We allow Maddie and Chelsea to pick one girl friend to go.  So we loaded up the car, and Steve and five girls headed for the amusement park.  Upon entering the park, I was sitting by a water fountain while everyone was using the restroom.  Suddenly, a penny popped out over my head and landed at my feet. Because my mind is tuned into abundance no matter how small the gift, I picked up the penny and said, “Thank you, Universe!”  This made me think to play a game.  After a few more minutes, I came across two more pennies, but was only able to nab one since people were following close behind us in line.  So I told Maddie and her friend, Megan, about it.  I said my goal was to find ten pennies by the time we left the park in four hours. It was a lot of fun!  I told the girls about their reticular activating system (RAS), the part of their brain that helps you to be super aware of an intended goal or object (ie, you decide to buy a Mustang and so you start seeing them everywhere).

I told them to imagine each penny converted to one million dollars.  By the time we left the park, the girls and I excitedly had gathered 12 coins (one a dime). Abundance can be the same way.  It can be fun and easy if we take that approach.  Further, I don’t have to do it all on my own.  When I got their buy in and excitement about my little mission, they were happy to “work” for me.  Is it any different with your business and life?  If you find the right people to support your purpose, they can leverage your time and make life fun and easy. My family is very supportive of my dreams of helping a lot of people raise their consciousness, and in my business, I also surround myself with people who champion me.  I think my penny story was a great illustration of how can create synergies and wealth and do it in such a way that is fun, fulfilling, and exciting.

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Angie Monko