Our virtual and in-person events are a great place to begin to get support and experience what it feels like to be held and comforted through the trauma of grief and divorce. Please see the events below to take that next step…I’m standing by and am ready for you.

man and woman embracing as a friends


Heal Your Heart Healing Circle – Monthly Zoom Meetings

The 1st Tuesday of the month

5:30 PM – 7:00 PM Central Time on Zoom

If you’re hurting & grieving, this is a safe place to connect and holistically heal

We meet online every first Tuesday from 5:30pm-7pm CT

All are welcome!

Free Healing Codes Given on a Different Topic Each Month

woman walking through a field of wheat with the words 3 Steps to Expand Your Potential Masterclass - Register Now


3 Steps to Expand Your Potential Online Masterclass

We meet on Zoom – Register to get the link

5:00 PM – 6:30 PM Central Time on Zoom

Do you feel ready to move past the barriers and expand your potential? If so, please check in with your heart and give yourself permission to come to my free masterclass.

Women leaders avoid their feelings. Feelings are messy. People are even messier. Accomplishing tasks is much cleaner and feels better, more doable. Relationships create anxiety because people are unpredictable. If we are being really honest, we don’t trust them.

I will guide you through the 3 steps to turning off the overwhelm and turning on the impact.

Mental Fitness for Intuitive Women Leaders - Harmony Harbor Coaching

Mental Fitness for Intuitive Women Leaders

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is a unique, highly effective, evidence-based and experiential program
offered by Harmony Harbor Coaching.

Based on Shizard Chamine’s cutting-edge Positive Intelligence (a/k/a PQ, similar to IQ or EQ) framework,
 the program is designed to help you train your 3 core mental fitness muscles.


  • Strengthen your 3 core mental fitness muscles for positive, lasting change in your health and relationships
  • Learn a universal framework to improve many areas of your life, including performance, stress management, leadership, conflict management, parenting and relationships
  • Increase your chances of success 5-fold with the support and accountability of a small community of women leaders
  • Experience tangible results, feeling more at peace and in control, in the first few weeks