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How does this statement make you feel? Everything
comes to an end…. it makes me feel very sad, but does it
need to?

What are you resisting, or not accepting, in your life? Maybe it
is the state of the world right now, all of the divisiveness.
Or someone you love isn’t well, mentally or physically. You want
to help them, fix the situation, but they have made it clear they
don’t want your “fix.”

In fact, they want to do the opposite that you’ve laid out
for their life. Sort of makes you feel out of control, huh?

What else might you trying to change but to no avail? Is it your
own health, where you live, what people think of you…

I don’t WANT my life to end, or my mom’s, husband’s, child’s,
or anyone’s for that matter. I don’t want happy times to end.
WHY must everything come to a conclusion?

Sometimes I really hate change. I want to settle in, nest, feel
safe and cozy and have it STAY that way. Life is unsettling
though, and it doesn’t cooperate with the way things are.

Good news is that if you don’t like how things are in your
life, blink, and they’ll be different tomorrow. Emotions are
constantly changing. We are also always trying to dodge them,
feelings that is.

What if we embraced the fact that the only form of permanency
is change, and it became a friendly state of mind? How so?

1) Not resisting the changes that come our way feels much
more flowy and less energy-consuming.

2) Accepting that things are happening in life, but we don’t
control them, allows us to relax a little bit.

3) Since nothing lasts forever, do we need to take things so
seriously? What if the temporary nature of things is a wake
up call to let go and laugh sometimes…

4) What are we so rigidly trying to protect anyway? Think
about it. If nothing is permanent on this earth plane, we might
as well be in the present moment and have more fun.

5) Some of the most difficult transitions turn out to be
huge growth opportunities that allow us to be happier
in the long run…different than we are now and more surrendered
to life.

I heard one of my coaches talk about how she was always moving
as a child, due to having a dad in the military, and so she got used to
this constant state of flux. She never really got to settle down.

And instead of feeling sorry for herself because she always having to
say goodbye to friends, she decided it was a gift, an adventure to
GET TO move all over the world. That life was always supporting
her and she could have fun with it all. She got to meet many cool
folks and have exciting experiences.

I think we could all take a lesson from her playbook, don’t you?

Because of experiencing the loss of loved ones early in my life,
starting at age 6 when I tragically and suddenly lost my Aunt
Elaine, I decided I didn’t like the sudden changes in life.

They made me feel out of control. But I was never in control
anyway. So why not take on this new mindset?

Maybe one of your challenges that causes you to hold on tight
to life, to try to control, is because at a deep core level you’re afraid
of everything coming to an end, of being alone and scared.

You care ALOT about what others think of you, and so you try hard
to comply with what others want for you so that you aren’t left alone
to fend for life by yourself.

You’re seeing how much trying to maintain their image of you holds you
back in life. It causes you to sacrifice your own happiness and well-
being because you don’t want to be considered selfish for taking care
of your own needs and wants.

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Much Love,

Angie Monko