We should find out very soon who the next US president is, and
many are feeling agitated because so much seems to be riding
on the outcome.

It seems 1/2 of the country wants something different,
which means 1/2 of the people are going to be disappointed
and more fearful they they are right now.

As an empath, it may feel difficult to not take on everybody else’s
We understand and have compassion for both sides.

What if neither side is right or wrong? It’s hard to take this
stance when we are embroiled in hatred or self-righteousness
about the other side’s position.

I DO have my opinions and would like to see certain values
practiced here in the U.S. and throughout the world. I’m not likely
going to share specifics with you, because they are irrelevant to
this message.

You see, my main aim is to help you find your inner peace,
freedom and power. I would love for you to be a Loving Self-
Advocate who gets out of her head so she can charmingly
give back to the world. Note: this is much different from
people pleasing because it leads to love, not resentment.

Knowing my political views and personal values has nothing
to do with you becoming a Loving Self-Advocate.

As long as you know I have integrity and am coming from Love,
that’s all that matters.

I’m that hippy who sees the ideals of love and freedom for all.
Each person needs to be shown respect and honor and love.

If I get too high up on my pedestal of how things SHOULD BE
(a fear based response), I get stuck in judging others.
Then I
disconnect from myself and the Higher Intelligence of the Universe
that’s always running the show.

While in my quiet, reflective time this morning, I began to think
about the world and what would happen if a certain person won
or not. I began to see that either way, there will be some positive
things to unfold I’m sure. I can’t know the full picture of the truth
or how things will unfold.

The best I can do is surrender to the unknown. It’s always been
this way. Yes, it’s more intense right now, but you might even
see this as a good thing since we love our drama, right?

Everything is Going to be OK, Hippo

Two and 1/2 years ago in April 2018, my family was having a family
reunion. I was staying at my mom’s house in Illinois and we were
getting ready to leave.

My 2 daughters were sitting in the living room, when my mom’s
little rat terrier started having trouble getting up. He was scrunched
down on the carpet and couldn’t stand up.

The girls alerted us to what was happening, and we could tell
little Hippo was in a bad way. My mom and daughter, Maddie,
decided to forego the reunion and take Hippo to the vet.

I remember putting him in the back seat of my mom’s car, and
we were all telling him while lovingly petting him, “It’s OK, Hippo.
Everything is going to be OK.”

Even as I said this, I knew I wouldn’t see him again. It was a sad
day and a foreshadowing of what was coming in 6 months, the
death of my 22 year old daughter, Maddie.

So how can I say “Everything is going to be OK” even though we
know people and animals die?

Because on some level it IS OK. Reality is one of contrasts. We
couldn’t experience Pleasure without Pain, Love without Hate,
Life without Death.

This may not sound very comforting, but what if we could take on
the Knowing of “Everything is as it should be and is OK” as the Truth?

If your president doesn’t get voted in, what if you curiously asked,
“I wonder how this will unfold and how it will all turn out in the end?”
because IT WILL.

Trust in the human spirit of resiliency and the ability to overcome
hard things.
Even though things outside of us happen and are beyond
our control, we can always feel safe inside of our own heart, given that
spirit or energy never dies.

Peace to you,


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