Dear Fellow Seekers,

I received the following tapping exercise from Margaret Lynch.  I think this is an excellent two minutes of tapping that you can do every day, especially if you are in a profession of helping and coaching others.  And let’s face it, we all have the ability to put ourselves in this position of helping others, any time, any day, if we really want to.  To learn the mechanics of tapping, go to my website,

Karate chop point or rub sore spot: Even though I have all these human insecurities and fears and worries about what everyone will think of me, I completely love and accept myself anyway. Even though I am totally insecure and have a human ego – I want to impress everyone and be smart and cool, I totally honor my humanity and all my embarrassing flaws. Even though I am definitely human and totally flawed, I completely love and accept myself anyway, ever perfect in my imperfection! I am open to getting myself out of the way so I can be a clear channel of healing and intention for the highest good of me and everyone I encounter today.  Tapping through the points: EyeBrow: that’s impossible Side of Eye: I can’t get myself out of the way Under Eye: I have all these worries and insecurities Under Nose:  I need to remember how imperfect I am, Lord if people really knew! CollarBone: Yes, it’s ALL ABOUT ME! Under Arm: I totally honor even this about me (even though I don’t really want to) Top of Head: my imperfect humanity that is ever unfolding in divine perfection.

EB: As I honor my flaws, I allow myself to honor my innate brilliance, my unique self SE: and now, in this very moment, I totally open up to more UE: I am open and allowing more creativity, inspired ideas and brilliance to flow through me now UN: Into my heart, thoughts, words and actions, effortlessly, beautifully CB: I now allow myself to be a clear channel, for my healing and the healing of everyone I touch UA: As I see, feel and honor my own brilliance, ME, unique in the world AND in every moment, TH: I free myself to see and connect with the brilliance in everyone and everything. EB: So even though I am still human and flawed, I love being me, I love being GREAT SE: When I get “myself” out of the way and am just me, alive, new, fresh, I totally ROCK! UE: Amazing things happen when I am clear, open and just allowing my brilliance! UN: Miraculous things happen when I take inspired actions on my brilliant inspirations!

CB: Divine, unbelievable things happen, when I allow miracles to flow through me into my life.
UA: I LOVE it when that happens, I LOVE feeling this way! I LOVE co-creating with the divine!
TH: Yes, I am open and allowing brilliance, inspiration and miracles to flow today, all day!

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Peace & Blessings to You!

Angie Monko,