Dear Friends,

As I become more and more aware of how my thoughts create my reality and everything around me, I feel more free.  Yes, it’s a lot of responsibility, but really all that means is I have the ability to respond to events.    I’ve been worried about my 14-year-old daughter’s health.  She has Cystic Fibrosis.  In the morning, we meditate together and she often coughs.

Sometimes she coughs so much that I feel distracted and it’s hard to meditate, at least peacefully.  Not only do I feel agitated when we’re done because I judge my meditation as not relaxing, but I am also upset because it reminds me of her state of health.  So I applied this process that I learned in the Busting Loose from the Money Game book, in which I must first go deeply into my discomfort.  In this case, I exaggerated my worries about her health, saw her suffering and in pain, and actually concluded my visualization by attending her funeral.

I began to cry when I thought of this.  That is the worst that could happen in my mind. Then I reclaimed my power from the attachment of trying to control her health and well-being by speaking specific words.  I felt better afterwards.    Just this morning, I felt discomfort again from her coughing.  So I went deep within and realized just how much she and I are connected.

In the quantum Zero Limit Field, I created my daughter.  She is actually just an extension of me, just as we are all just an extension of one another. I can never really lose her.  Further, I can create more of what I want by “seeing” her as healthy, rather than focusing on her lack of health. Knowing that we’re all connected, it becomes vital for me to accept and love myself.   If I can’t accept and love all parts of me, then I can’t accept and love you either.  My job is for me to completely fall head-over-heels in love with myself, completely trust myself and forgive myself and accept myself.  Is this arrogant?  I don’t think so at all.

To fall in love with myself is the beginning of my road to freedom and peace and joy.  When I begin to love myself in this way, I realize just how much God loves me and how we are inseparable. God wants us to remember who we truly are and that our perfection exists at the SOUL level, even though we don’t feel it on the human ego level.  All I really need to feel complete and safe is myself and God.  “Who we truly are” is perfect, whole, complete, powerful and abundant, just an extension of God.  When we get in our own way, we forget this.

We get wrapped up in drama and being a victim of things outside of ourselves.  The Ego helps us to feel separate from others, more or less than others.  The Soul and God which are inseparable want us to remember our Divine origin.  I chose to remember ME and fall in love with myself!  This is where my life really gets exciting.  Stay tuned!

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Peace & Blessings,

Angie Monko,

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