You are made of energy, which Einstein proved.  Everything is energy.  Because you are made of energy, you have a vibration.  Think of your body as a pulsating form of energy.  When you feel positive emotion such as love, gratitude or compassion, it vibrates in your body at a high frequency.  When you feel negative emotion, it vibrates at a lower frequency. You are a vibrational being that attracts energy of like kind, otherwise known as the law of attraction.  This means that when you feel good, your energy attracts positive circumstances and people.

If you have a belief about life that serves you and keeps you stuck in patterns and habits that no longer feel good, you’ll be unhappy. Jerry and Esther Hicks describe this as you not keeping up with You.  Meaning, there is a non-physical part of you that is connected to a Big Source of Energy that is calling you in a direction of happiness, success, abundance, joy, peace and love. In fact, who you really are is pure positive Love Energy, and when you think and feel and act in ways at odds with Love, you feel like crap. The biggest gift you can give yourself this holiday season is to keep up with who you have become, to follow your Emotional Guidance System.

Your emotions are the means of letting you know if you’re on track or not. When you are keeping up with you, this is called Vibrational Alignment.  We’ve already talked about what vibration is. That is your state of positive or negative energy that attracts/manifests things into physical existence.  What do I mean by alignment?  This means you’re making conscious choices through your will that line up or align with your bigger non-physical Source YOU!  You are making choices that result in you feeling good. This is very important to understand because I’m saying that you really should not take action in your life until you vibrationally align with it first.  In other words, Feel Good First!

Think of your life.  Have you ever tried to take action toward a goal and felt like it was drudgery, all based on willpower?  That is because you weren’t vibrationally aligned first.  You didn’t feel good about the action needed to take to achieve your goal.  It may have felt like deprivation. It didn’t feel safe for whatever reason because it required you to give up part of your identity. Perhaps an example would help.  Say Jane wants to lose 50 pounds.  She’s been overweight all of her life.  She’s been using food as a crutch to comfort her and soothe her pain for as long as she can remember.  She doesn’t like feeling her painful emotions.  She doesn’t like how her body looks.  She feels unattractive to her husband and lacks confidence in her ability to cope with life.

She feels like she needs the food to get by in life. Even though it’s painful to experience being overweight and all of its accompanying symptoms, it’s even more painful for Jane to give up her identity of “I am overweight; I need food to cope; I need this extra layer of protection.”  This is part of who she is, and she’s comfortable with her condition, even though it’s painful.  Jane needs a very GOOD, Emotional Reason to want to release this weight. This reason needs to outweigh the pain she is going to feel so that she can propel herself into a different identity, and have an adequate threshold to absorb the pain of change.  Jane needs to vibrationally align herself with being 50 pounds lighter.  She needs to feel good not only about looking great at her new weight (which is the easy part) but also to feel good about giving up her food crutch.

If she doesn’t feel good about ALL of the actions that will be required of her to release 50 pounds, no amount of action will allow her to successfully keep the weight off long-term.  Feel GOOD First!
If you want to vibrationally align with your business, so that you are taking actions with ease and grace.

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