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Consider picking up the book, “Finding Clarity,” by Jeru Kabbal, an eloquent and spiritual man who touched thousands of lives .  The last words that he wrote were: “You are already that which you long to be.”  How true this is!  Our search is over if we want it to be.  I’ve been aware of doing parts work for some time, where we identify different aspects of our subconscious, our inner child, teenager, and so forth.

Jeru describes this process clearly and simply.  He explains that by the time we are four years old, our defense system and personality are formed because, by then, we have already experienced everything we are going to experinece, love, rejection, sadness, aloneness, punishment, etc..  We’ve learned all of our major attitudes and strategies, and underlying all of this is the infant mentality that we are helpless and
need someone to take care of us.  Our survival depends on it. Jeru suggests we become partners with our subconscious mind that records every single activity or experience in our lives.

Since our personality remembers how helpless we were as a child, we repeatedly play those “helpless” movies.  He suggests that our adult self has a conversation with our four-year-old self.  It might sound something like the following. Per Jeru, “The goal is to re-educate this child by communicating to him or her:  ‘Regardless of what you have learned in the past, regardless of what fears you have experienced,
and what desires you have created, regardless of what strategies you practiced to stay alive, I want you to know tht you live with me now.  You are totally safe.  Someone is with you twenty-four hours a day.  I can take care of you better than anyone else in the world.

I am big and strong, I can earn a living, and I can take care of you.” If you are intrigued by this topic and want to find clarity in your life, it is absolutely essential to create a partnership  between your conscious, subconscious and super conscious (Higher) selves, putting the true powerhouse, the Higher Self, in charge.  I believe if you do this, life will begin to be easy and flowing.  Here’s to the new management in town, the Higher Self!  I love knowing that I have hired a brilliant, creative, compassionate, loving, intelligent, powerful, peaceful, joyful, take-action boss to guide my inner “team.”  Knowing this, I can relax and let life come to me.  Will you join me?

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