Have you ever felt all alone to deal with a stressful situation? The antidote to stress is to feel supported by someone who has your back.

Many women leaders I speak with feel lonely.  They have so much story going on inside of their head. They think that they’re the only ones with their problems. You see, we all hide behind a shame wall. There is something that makes us feel bad about ourselves, that we’d rather not talk about.

These shameful things could be your income, how little quality time you spend with your family, the love lost in your marriage, yelling at your kids, your weight, your aging body, etc.  

Whatever it is that you’re resisting taking a look at, finding a supportive community of like-minded leaders will help alleviate the shame and create healthy, loving connections in its place.

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The Benefits of Connecting with Like-Minded Intuitive Leaders


As mentioned, when you find a tribe of like-minded female leaders, you’ll have friends who are available to listen and understand you. Having a compassionate ear (but not an enabling one) is worth its weight in gold.

Sometimes our friends can be too close to our situation, and they lose objectivity.  If you find a tribe who really gets you and supports you, your nervous system will relax.  They will feel aligned with your soul, values and worldview.

If you’ve ever felt like a black sheep, you just haven’t found your peeps. Connecting with other like-minded, intuitive female leaders will help you feel less isolated and more confident in your approach to life. There is safety in numbers and unity.

Identifying Your Tribe


Keep in mind that when picking a tribe, avoid choosing a group who will be an echo chamber of your complaints about life, because they will keep you anchored to what you don’t want.

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Find a group of people who have a high vibe and can lift your spirits.  Who you hang out with becomes your energy.  Therefore, seek out those will help raise your vibe so you can continue to grow as a leader.

Get clear on your values. What do you like? Some of my values (in no particular order) are conscious eating, cooking and baking, traveling, quality time with my friends and family, decorating for the holidays, alternative energy medicine, animals, nature, holistic wellness, helping others, essential oils, reading, deep conversations, spirituality, etc.

Once clear on your values, where do such people with similar values hang out? For me, it’s yoga studios, wellness centers, National Speakers Association, massage therapists, Reiki healers, essential oil distributors, LinkedIn, other coaches, Rootbound, hiking trails, etc.  

Perhaps you like hanging out on social media, FB groups or Intagram.  Or maybe you’re an avid networker and love being with people.  The key is to pick a tribe of peers that really resonates with you.  

Building Relationships with Your Tribe

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A. Attend Networking Events: Attend conferences, workshops, and other events to meet other leaders in your field if schmoozing with people floats your boat. After the last few years, people are craving connection in person.

B. Reach Out to Peers: Use social media and other platforms to connect with leaders who share your interests. I love LinkedIn for building deeper connections. People are often there for relationship building.

C. Offer Help and Seek Support: Offer your skills and expertise to others in your community. This will help you to be seen as an authority with credibility. Vice versa, seek help and support when you need it. This helps others grow their businesses, you get to understand their business so you can refer to them, and you benefit in the process.

D. Embrace Diversity: Be open to learning from leaders with different backgrounds and experiences and who have more experience than you in your career/business. This will cause you to stretch outside of your comfort zone and uplevel your skillset and success.

Sustaining Your Tribe

Once you pick a place where your tribe hangs out, go easy. Focus on building relationships versus soliciting sales from someone. Of course, we all want to build and grow our businesses, but if you lead with that, it’s a turn off. See them as people, not as numbers or transactions.

Have a genuine interest in getting to know them. Set a one-to-one appointment with an individual and learn what makes them tick. Then if it makes sense, keep meeting with them on a regular, monthly basis to build trust and collaborate. The more energy you pour into your people, the more supported you’ll feel.

If you foster your reputation by being genuinely you, it takes much less energy than wearing a mask of “My life is perfectly put together.” Nobody has their stuff together all of the time. Real life is messy. People will sense the fakeness of this act, and it burns bridges. Just be YOU.

Over time, as you strengthen your relationships with a handful of members of your tribe, it will feel like you have a solid netting below you. You will feel supported, which will increase your confidence to continue to put yourself out there.

When challenges arise, you’ll feel more capable and resilient in handling them.


Finding the right tribe or group of individuals who share your values and worldview provides you with a felt sense of support when life gets stressful.

Connecting with other like-minded, intuitive female leaders will help you feel less isolated as there is unity and safety in numbers. This tribal connection will also give you more confidence because you can share what’s really going on with you, which reduces your shame.

Pick a high vibe group who is more successful and advanced than you. This will stretch you to be your better self. Once there, focus on building key relationships by really getting to know others. Invest in them, and they will return the favor.

Don’t take any of this too seriously or feel the need to be pretentious.  Just be you, and everything will fall into place.

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Much Love,
Angie Monko,
Life Coach for Intuitive Women Leaders