Why is it important to follow your intuition as a female leader? You make better decisions and have more impact when you follow your intuition and do business in a way that integrates the masculine and feminine, which is related to energy, not gender.

Doing business only the masculine way will drive you to produce, make profit and outperform the competition–to win. It’s good to be profitable–don’t get me wrong. You need to take ACTION to get results as well. We need to integrate both the masculine and feminine ways of doing business.

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Doing business intuitively, the feminine way, asks you to look at HOW you are serving your customers. Do your customers represent a transaction/dollar sign or a person? Do you care about the effect your products and services have on others and this planet  long term?

Doing business the feminine way, you’ll intuitively tune in to what your customers really want, build long-term relationships with them, and feel good about the impact you have on them.  

If you get in touch with your inner knowing and integrity about what really matters in life, you’ll realize the important role that intuition plays for female leaders.

This blog defines intuition, how it’s different from logical thinking, and why it’s important for female leaders to follow it.

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What is Intuition?


Intuition is the subtle prompting or nudge that emanates from your subconscious mind to take action (or not). These messages come from the creative, right side of your brain. Shirzad Chamine, creator of Positive Intelligence, says that this is where your Sage lives, the wise part of you who is resilient, chill, creative, curious, compassionate.

From a spiritual perspective, intuition is a direct line to your Higher Self, an unknown energy source. Your Sage or Higher Self knows things that your personality or conscious mind can’t explain.

For example, I call on my intuition to write these blogs. I’ve learned lots of stuff over the years and have deep experience helping others. Yet I draw on this intuitive knowledge, rather than trying to cite where I learned something. I give credit where it’s due, but a lot of what I write is gleaned from my intuitive source.

I close my eyes before writing a blog, put my hands over my heart, and call on my inner guidance (my intuition) and Creator to help me write the blog. Words often effortlessly flow out of me, and sometimes I think, “Hmmm…how did I know that?”

How Does Intuition Work?


In order to access your intuition, you have to be open to receiving it. Have the humility to know that you can’t know everything, that life is a beautiful mystery.

Slow down enough to listen to that still small voice of your intuitive promptings. The more you actually follow the advice of this gut knowing, the more you’ll trust it.

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When you can discern that a message is coming from your intuition, it will lead you down the right path 100% of the time, the best path for YOU–it’s coming from you, after all.

How Intuition Differs from Logical Thinking

Logical thinking comes from the data channel, the left side of the brain, and from the prefrontal cortex. I love logical thinking! I aced critical thinking in college. I definitely enjoy living “up in my head” and the pursuit of knowledge, in fact, too much.

I say too much because my logical brain can lead me astray by keeping me closed off to things that “don’t make sense.” In other words, I can box myself in to certain logical constraints that keep me from finding superior solutions to my challenges.

Wisdom comes from your PQ channel, per Shirzad. PQ stands for Positive Intelligence and is the home of intuition, resiliency, creativity, empathy, curiosity, etc.  The data channel or logical brain can’t begin to compete with the PQ channel.

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Why Intuition is Important for Female Leaders

You need the courage to follow your intuition as a female leader because, quite simply, it is superior knowledge to the reason and logic of the data channel. If you look at how business has been transacted in this and the last century, it is masculine driven, transaction-oriented, and doesn’t take the whole person into account.

People deserve to be respected and treated as sovereign beings. Each person is unique and matters. They aren’t a number. They could be your brother or sister, mom or dad, child, and wouldn’t you want your loved one to be treated well?

If we do business with each other in this emotionally intelligent way using our intuition and PQ channel, I imagine a very bright future, in which all people feel loved, respected and honored, where collaboration proliferates.

If anyone is going to lead the charge with using intuition, it is going to be women leaders like you who have learned what is possible when they choose to stay connected to their higher selves, their intuitive selves.



Intuition is your direct line to an unknown source of intelligence. It is accessed through the PQ channel of your subconscious mind and the right side of the brain. When you access information intuitively, rather than logically, you tap into a deep well of wisdom and knowledge that you might not be able to explain.

As an intuitive woman leader, you have the potential to completely change the culture of how we do business and integrate your intuition and feminine energy with masculine-driven productivity.

Instead of providing goods and services with an impersonal, masculine-driven, transaction-oriented perspective that doesn’t take into account the sacredness of life, what if you began delivering your work in a much more honorable way, integrating masculine and feminine energies?

Slow down. Tune into your intuition, trust your gut, and listen to that still, small voice that you know that you know that you know is accurate. Learn to stay with yourself. Don’t abandon your intuition in favor of logic. It is overrated.

If you’d like support developing your intuition as a female leader and having the kind of impact you desire, check out the upcoming Mental Fitness for Intuitive Women Leaders. 
Much Love,
Angie Monko,
Life Coach for Intuitive Women Leaders

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