Dear Friends,

You can tap to relieve cravings for specific foods as I mentioned before.  It’s always a good idea to do the tapping consistently for a few minutes each day instead of waiting until you are heading toward the refrigerator/pantry or in the car on the way to McDonalds for your fast food fix. You may not have the willingness to refrain from your indulgence if you wait until you’re about to partake in a feeding frenzy.  So be persistent and proactive with the tapping.

If you do one round of tapping and you still have the craving, test to see where it’s at on a scale of 0 to 10.  Do another round that might go like this (I use potato chips as my food choice). Remember to rub your sore spot or tap on the karate chop point and say the following:  “Even though I still feel deprived and hungry for potato chips, I deeply and completely accept myself.  Even though I still feel deprived and insatiable, I can accept my feelings anyway.

Even though I still feel deprived and want to fill it with food, I deeply and completely accept myself.
Even though I feel hungry and empty and deprived, I deeply and completely accept myself.” TAP:  “This remaining deprivation.  My deprivation makes me crave food.  I want to fill my empty spot. I still crave potato chips.  Remaining deprivation.  Remaining insatiability.  I’m scared of my deprivation.

Enough was never enough.  Enough IS never enough.  Maybe I can allow myself to relax a bit.  Maybe there is enough.  Maybe I can fill my emptiness by loving and accepting myself.  I now choose to feel whole and strong no matter what.  Food is just food.  I now choose to feel safe without the food.” Again, test yourself to see if the craving is down to zero.  Do several rounds to get the craving down to zero if you need it.  Be creative with your words and just say whatever you are feeling.

There is no right or wrong way to do this.  Emotional Freedom Technique is very forgiving.

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Angie Monko,