Dear Fellow Seekers,

As I was growing up in my middle class home, around folks who loved yard sales (note:  I’m not knocking yard sales), I was busy creating a scarcity consciousness.  My Mom would tell me that money doesn’t grow on trees when I’d plead for more Barbie doll clothes and accessories from Toy Chest. It’s more than this though.  Somehow I assigned the meaning that I wasn’t good enough when my Dad was absent.
Because I didn’t like my Dad back then, I was full of anger and blame.

I began to live from a fear mode, wondering when he’d hurt my Mom next.  I believe that is when I constructed the 10-inch-thick metal wall around my heart.  I am STILL afraid to express joy and splendor, wondering when the next drama will unfold, when the next bomb will drop. So my belief in scarcity is centered around this personal truth, “I am not enough.  I am not creative enough to make enough money to support myself and my family’s needs and dreams outside of my corporate job.” With the help of some
amazing people in my life, they are showing just how much this is an illusion. I am finally allowing myself to discover the REAL ME.  My job is not my source of income (reason fails me by declaring this as fact because I can see it in black and white in my bank account).

God is my source of income and revenue.  I haven’t completely surrendered to this belief, yet….  I am saying affirmations to move me in this direction, and now I am hopeful that one day I will completely believe this in my heart and not in just my head.  I am also beginning to realize it’s okay to be abundant.  I think many of us grew up with the belief that rich people are greedy and un-spiritual. Money is simply energy.  It helps me to think of circulating money rather than spending it.  Circulation implies it will come back to me, and this is a Universal law.

Spending it implies there is a limited amount of it. I’ve done some meridian tapping on the following phrase (see to learn more about tapping and how to use it clear blocked energy):  “Even though I’m living in this illusion that I’m not enough, I’ve decided to expand my awareness and live in the fullness of the present moment.  I’ve decided to release the need for reason and remember who I truly am.  I’ve decided to trust my God Within and reclaim my joy!

I’ve decided that God is my Source of unlimited supply of time, money and love, and I have unlimited possibilities to create prosperity!

Thank you, God, and so it is!”

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Peace & Blessings,

Angie Monko