Dear Friends,

I learned about this technique a long time ago and was reminded of it again in February. The idea is to use your dominant hand and write out a question and write the answer with the non-dominant hand.  This stimulates the right side of the brain, our creativity, our intuitive faculties.  So I’ve been doing this a little over a month. It is amazing what comes out of this little inner dialogue with ourselves.  It’s like I have my own personal consultant, whom I can completely trust, at least as much as I trust myself.  And that is
what is really nice!  This technique helps to to trust myself and my decision-making ability.

After all, this wisdom is coming from ME, not anyone else.  If the truth be known, the wisdom is coming from my connection to Source, to All That Is.  This is very comforting to know that I can tap into my Higher Self and receive this knowing.  Rebecca Marina said that if I do this practice daily that after about 6 weeks, I will develop my psychic abilities, my ability to identify patterns and trends in myself and others.  I’ve been doing it almost 5 weeks, and I have noticed improved intuition and the ability to hear that quiet voice that whispers my next best course of action. I hope you will try this!  We can all use a little more faith in ourselves, don’t ya think?

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Love & JOY to you,

Angie Monko,