Are you hanging on to extra weight?

For whatever reason, you are hanging on to it because it doesn’t feel safe to let it go. Like I have said before, your weight may be an excuse for you to “weigh” yourself down and prevent you from reaching your full potential.  It makes for a heavy burden that you may subconsciously desire.  It’s almost as if your weight protects you.  What is it protecting you from? Your weight might even help you to feel more bold and solid on the Earth and less exposed, raw and vulnerable.

Only you can decide why you hang on to extra weight.  Only you will know when it feels right to release it.  Until then, you will come up with every excuse in the book not to deal with the problem.  Don’t feel guilty about this, but be aware of it and recognize it. Just accept that this is where you are at because you choose this weight problem pain over the potential pain of looking within, over the fear of giving up your comfort food or comfortable habits, over the fear of spending money to invest in yourself, etc.

It might take money to buy exercise equipment, more healthy food choices, coaching, etc. Think about this.  If you aren’t willing to release your weight yet, ask yourself how long it will take you before you realize how much more you are losing out on life by delaying the decision. How much money have you already wasted on binge eating, diet pills, the favorite diet of the month, the magic elixir that will come and take away your desire to use food as an escape mechanism?  Most importantly, how long are you willing to allow your food/weight problem to rob you of precious energy, energy that could be used to propel you forward in creating your dream life?

How much money have you lost in wasted potential? I can confidently say that you will be looking a very LONG time for such a solution, because it doesn’t exist.  You must do the hard work of looking deep inside yourself for these answers.  It’s important to feel safe when letting go of an ingrained habit like overeating.  Food has provided our comfort, safety and pleasure for so long.  Tapping can make the process much easier.  There are even ways to “sneak up on” the pain so that it is tolerable (the tearless trauma technique).

The tapping protocol (EFT) helps you to systematically isolate anything that could be a block, and then you tap on it.  Once you remove obstacles, you begin to make real progress.

Have a blessed day!

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