Dear Friends,

I hope you have special plans this 4th of July weekend, whatever that means to you. Enjoy and relish the time with friends and loved ones.  Create a perfect blend of creativity, passion and spontaneity. Remember freedom is a choice, just as love is. I always choose how I’m going to respond to life’s challenges. My daughter, Maddie, created some drama this week around she and her Dad.  If I wanted to, I could have
gotten really frightened.  Instead, I set an intention of love and saw the two of them resolving their conflict.  Within a couple of hours, they had done just that.  I didn’t waste a lot of my energy worrying or trying to control the outcome.

In other words, I didn’t resist and it just went away of its own accord.  Think of how we can apply that to any situation in life, and then we have true freedom! Call to Action:  I really need your help and appreciate you for it.

Please email me ( your biggest challenges in life.  What causes you the most pain? I’d like to design programs and products around your needs, not mine.

Take care and be blessed!

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Your Coach,

Angie Monko,