Have you ever stopped to think….

Why am I here?

Why people do “dumb things?”

Why do I keep making “bad choices?”

Why do other people keep making “bad choices?”
Why, why, why.

If you think about it, everyone you know has a story. Some folks are rich and some poor.

Others are addicted to gambling, sex, drugs, or some other thrill seeking endeavor.

But, whatever the case may be, we as bystanders often sit perched on our pedestals casting judgment.

These things Do Not make people terrible!

When I look at my own past, I see many flaws that put me in the same light as those I judge.

The judgment can come in many forms.  We often say things like……

How could “he/she” do something like that?
Look at how selfish and inconsiderate they are! What a rotten thing to do, etc….

Could it be that their story has more to it than meets the eye?
Perhaps, there is a piece of the puzzle you are unaware of?

I mean everyone at their core just wants to be loved, right?