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Heal Your Heart Online Retreat

Is Grief, Trauma and/or Overwhelm Keeping You Stuck in Self Sabotage?

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Are you feeling overworked, overwhelmed, and unable to create the impact in your business, career, and life that you know you’re destined to have?

Have you considered that overwhelm has you in a holding pattern of doubting yourself, where you no longer trust yourself to achieve what you really desire? 

Do you find yourself in any of these scenarios? 

  • I have lost someone I love through death or the ending of a relationship that has left me spinning. 
  • I avoid social situations because people have hurt me, and I distance myself now.
  • Loved ones have abandoned me, and now I struggle with intimacy in my relationships.
  • I struggle with achieving financial and career goals…and I can’t put my finger on why.
  • I feel like everything I really want is out of reach, even though I constantly go above and beyond.
  • Others see me as strong and competent, but when it comes to creating my dream life I feel like I’m always falling short.

    What if this invisible block that’s stopping you is due to overwhelm, a/k/a trauma in the body?

    You’ve not worked through it because you didn’t know it existed.

    You might be stuck in trauma….and not even know it.

    Did you know that unhealed trauma has a cellular memory that instinctively tries to protect you and keep you safe from experiencing that pain again, until you heal it? 

    Slow down for a moment

    and really ask yourself these questions:

    • Do you distract yourself with work, tasks, and busy-ness to avoid feeling?
    • Do you have a nagging fear of abandonment or rejection?
    • Do you feel like your mind and body ache and feel heavy?
    • Do you deal with gut and skin issues, brain fog, and exhaustion?
    • Do you go through life on autopilot lately, sometimes wondering who you really are anymore?

    These are all symptoms of unhealed trauma in your body, which often present themselves as feeling overwhelmed.

    But, you’re not alone.

    Most of us don’t know how to heal from trauma, a/k/a hidden grief.

    No matter what grief and trauma you’ve been through, it’s possible to find yourself again and to stop feeling numb and overwhelmed and start feeling a calm aliveness.

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    Do you ever feel like you’re not connected to your body and your feelings?


    To truly be free to create a life you love and expand your potential as a rising woman leader, you need to clear the hidden barriers to your success….to clear the cause of overwhelm, grief and trauma.

    When you begin to tackle your trauma head-on and heal that empty space inside, that invisible block, you call forth your happiness and success.

    Even though you cannot control what others did to you or past events, you can choose how to “digest” your past and your trauma. 

    In other words, you can choose how to view your life…and whether you feel victimized or empowered by it. 

    This takes courage, self-love, grace, and looking it in the eye. 

    Once you begin this process of healing, you begin to see yourself in a whole new light. 

    You become free

    You become loyal to yourself.

    You begin to meet your pain head on and let go of what you cannot control.

    You don’t have to do this alone.

    Let’s be honest. 

    Society teaches us the worst response mechanism when faced with hard things — push down our feelings and distract ourselves.

    This results in a bunch of us running around unconscious of what’s going on with us and not healing from trauma/overwhelm because we didn’t know we needed to in order to move forward.

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    When we don’t process the pain of our past, we hold ourselves back from living.

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    Hi, I’m Angie.

    I’ve been through the fire of healing my own grief.

    I had a traumatic childhood, went through a bitter divorce, gave up custody of my daughter, and lost her (Maddie) to death when she was 22.

    I’ve realized that I can offer something unique to intuitive women leaders who are being negatively affected by trauma but don’t know it, because I understand their pain and have been in their shoes…and I’ve come out on the other side. 

    If we don’t handle our trauma, we won’t be able to step into our full potential. We will remain overwhelmed, scattered, and distracted by life’s demands. 

    I guide intuitive women leaders to clear barriers to their success and expand their potential so they can feel relaxed, supported, and free to create a life they love. 


    I provide a safe space for women to let their guard down and find support from other women — women who share in their struggles and their dreams. 


    But here’s the thing, to start a chain reaction of healing, you need to address the trauma hidden in your subconscious. 


    This, when coupled with the sense of safety and support, will enable you to finally move forward. 


    The challenge is… 

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    So many women don’t know that they need to work on their hidden trauma in their subconscious.

    Many women know what they need to be happy and successful and to expand into their potential, but they don’t know why they keep sabotaging themselves. 

    But once they face their healing and clear the barriers to their success, a flame is sparked. 

    They begin to gain the clarity and confidence to take the needed action to create the lives they love and the impact they desire. 

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    Heal Your Heart Retreat is for women, like you, to break through invisible chains of pain.

    Once you become willing to learn what trauma in the body can teach you, there’s no limit to what kind of legacy you can leave in this world. 

    You begin a journey of healing in which your greatest pain becomes your purpose.

    Are you ready to start healing and begin taking steps towards having a much happier, more grounded, and relaxed experience of life? 

    Women leaders go through all sorts of trauma, such as divorce and loss.

    Here’s what my clients said after working with me.

    Heather Leung - Client Testimonial

    I second-guessed myself often. I was living in the same home with my husband for 14 months while finalizing our divorce. After working with Angie, I am much more confident and able to remain focused on what is best for myself and my children moving forward. I was able to make it through the divorce process strong, and most importantly able to maintain a civil relationship with my children’s father. Having support during such a traumatic time of my life was extremely important and I am glad I did this program which will benefit me the rest of my life.

    — Heather Leung, St. Louis, Missouri

    Tammy Crooks - Client Testimonial

    When I started working with Angie, I was on a see-saw of constantly wanting to leave my marriage and then deciding it was best to stay in the marriage. This left me emotionally drained. I had no clear direction on where I was going with my life. It was destructive to my relationship with my husband. I learned how to get to the core of what is important to me, how to not put so much value on what other people think…and I found my way back home to myself. I made the decision to stay in my marriage and now look back and think “what was I thinking?” Working with Angie saved me years of heartache and energy that I can now put into my grandkids and my career.

    Tammy Crooks, St. Louis, Missouri

    Olga Gorodetsky - Client Testimonial

    When I came to Angie, I appeared extremely powerful and successful, but inside, I was overstressed, sad and felt very broken. I wanted to fulfill my potential.  I knew something had to change, but had no idea what and how. After working with Angie, I never felt more aligned with my true self or more empowered to take on and embrace any challenge that comes my way.  I never felt more supported, challenged, understood, called to truth – and, above all, loved, cared for and cherished.  I am now great at building relationships, defining priorities for my life, and I succeed much more by being my true self. I live my life to the fullest, with passion and creativity.

    Olga Gorodetsky, St. Louis, Missouri

    What we focus on in Heal Your Heart

    Over the span of 6 days, we meet in bite-sized sessions that focus on:

    1. Feeling safe in your own body and healing the hurt.

    This is the first step to healing trauma — to begin to feel safe in your nervous system, and calm the amygdala response of fight, flight, or freeze. 

    2. Feeling your feelings in a safe way.

    I teach Emotional Freedom Techniques to release unhealthy emotions that keep your nervous system revved up and on high alert.

    3. Feeling supported without fearing betrayal.

    This is a vital step to healing trauma — to feel supported and that someone has your back. 

    This is the perfect group for you if you’re ready to:

    • Take care of your own needs, and listen to your feelings and body. 
    • Trust that it’s OK to surrender, relax, and feel good.
    • Stop distracting yourself with being busy, and take steps to heal from what’s holding you back.
    • Stop exhausting yourself, caring for everyone, and feeling resentful when you sacrifice yourself.
    • Start to trust, celebrate, and live — not just dwell in debilitating anxiety about life’s next curveball.
    • Master your energy and emotions, and stop giving your power away.
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    Have questions? Reach out at angie@harmonyharbor.com