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If You’re Hurting & Grieving, This Is a Safe Place to Connect and Holistically Heal

We Meet Online Every First Tuesday from 5:30pm-7pm CT

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Do You Have a Place to Talk About What’s Really Going On With You?

blue circle - Are you hiding behind a mask of bravery?
blue circle - Are you overwhelmed by grief and heartbreak?
blue circle - Do you want a safe space to talk about things…but end up burying your emotions?

It can be frustrating and lonely to try to find people who understand your struggles.

Do you long for others to see and hear you without judgment or fear of rejection?

You’re not alone. 

So many, like you, are hurting and craving true human connection…

And yet it has never been more difficult to find — making it too easy to isolate yourself and bottle up your pain and grief until they feel unbearable.

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By facing the grief that eats away at you, you open a small crack of hope that can now spread and gain momentum in your life. It can ripple out to heal you, as well as your relationships, your health, your career, etc.

Did you know that unhealed grief and heartbreak have cellular memories that will remain stuck in your body until you help “dislodge” them?

They’re all stored in your subconscious — the part of your mind that houses many thoughts and memories that you may not be aware of.

It’s like the huge underwater part of an iceberg, where your mind holds all your beliefs and emotions and has recorded every image that’s ever happened to you, even if you don’t remember. 

Your subconscious also drives 99% of your results in life — it’s powerful, and it’s often overlooked. 

The thing is…

Even if your conscious mind (aka the analytical mind you’re aware of daily) knows what you want, you’ll struggle until you align the other part of your mind, your subconscious, with what you want as well.

If that’s not aligned, you’ll continue to stay stuck.

If you’re grieving, if you’re healing a broken heart, if you’re feeling stuck and lost in life…

Decide if now is the time to look at the root of the problem, instead of just pushing it back down with distractions, addictions, and short-term fixes.

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Hi, I’m Angie.

I’m a life coach and healing code practitioner who’s been through intense grief and heartbreak, and I’ve come out on the other side.

I had a traumatic childhood, went through a bitter divorce, gave up custody of my daughter, Maddie, and lost her when she died at 22 years old.

I’ve come to realize that by healing the relationship with myself and seeing that I am worthy, lovable and enough, everything changes.

I surrender daily to a Higher Power. I’m on a journey of trusting the process of Life, knowing God always has my back. Therefore, I  have the confidence to take risks and believe in myself. And so can you.


Why I Started the Heal Your Heart Healing Circle 

— A safe space if you’re ready to receive safety, support and love.

Man on his knees on top of a mountain with his hands over his face

I hosted my annual Christmas cookie decorating party this past December 2022. I began this tradition with my daughters, Maddie and Chelsea, when they were young. They’d invite friends over and sit around the kitchen table, decorating the cutouts. 

We’d listen to Christmas music, eat white chicken chili and salad, munch on cookies, and have great conversations. Then we’d go to see Christmas lights.

Things have changed a bit since then. Maddie died in 2018, and Chelsea moved to Boston in 2020.  I really miss both of my daughters. 

Yet, some of their friends still come over. We have a glass of wine instead of milk now. One thing hasn’t changed—the sheer joy of bathing in their youthful energy.

One of the girls invited a new friend. At first he was very shy, but as the day went on, he opened up about having suicidal thoughts and not feeling safe in his own home. He’d learned not to share his feelings.

I realized there’s so many like him who fear rejection or being laughed at for how they think and feel. 

I knew I needed to take action, especially with what’s happening in the world.

Life was hard before the pandemic…but the last 3 years have had such a huge negative impact on people, and for many it now seems intolerable.

People feel alone. People fear being themselves. 

Community doesn’t feel safe, and yet it’s what we desperately crave. 

I decided to finally start doing what has been in my heart for a long time — beginning a free community healing circle.

We focus on healing and connecting to others in a safe place so that you can feel relaxed, supported, and find freedom to create a life you love.

  • We release the harmful beliefs and habits that cause you to stay stuck in your life, so that you can finally start to move forward.
  • We work with your energy (aka your subconscious, body, heart, and emotions), and I guide you through advanced healing, using the healing codes.
  • By deep diving into this, you begin to release anger, fear, guilt and shame, instead of letting them take up residence and play on repeat in your mind…

  • And you begin to understand how to free yourself from hurtful patterns, behaviors, and situations.  

How it works

This group is completely free. 

It’s for you if you long for something more, if you know you’re capable of more, and if you want to show up for yourself on a new level.

The next Healing Circle is Tuesday, September 5th, 2023. We meet the first Tuesday of every month online at from 5:30 to 7pm CT (3:30pm PT, 4:30pm MT, 6:30pm ET).

  • For the first hour, I’ll educate on that month’s topic and invite you to share what’s on your heart and mind, or if you’re not ready, listen to and support others.
  • For the last 30 minutes I’ll deliver a healing code/trilogy that will rewire your cellular memories, healing issues of the heart, at the subconscious level. Where it really matters.

I’d love for you to join us — whether that means sharing with us so that we can support you or listening in with your camera off. 

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Remember….it IS possible to change and heal from the images in your subconscious. 

You deserve to feel good about yourself, about your life, and about your relationships. You ARE worthy of feeling safe, loved, and supported in your body and in your life experience. 

Man and woman embracing as friends

Do any of these stories sound like you? If so, it’s OK. Perhaps now is the time to SHIFT.

The other shoe is going to drop–I don’t trust the process of life.

I betray myself by how I treat my body (eating, drinking, and numbing).

I let myself and others down with negative self-talk and saying mean things that I later regret.

I feel isolated and alone in my own thoughts, like I don’t belong anywhere.

I feel sorry for myself for all of my losses and grief.

I hide and don’t take risks when it comes to building my business or career (I hold myself back and let others succeed).

Making and keeping money has been a struggle, almost like I don’t feel worthy of ease and flow.

two women hugging

Is it time to tackle the root of these problems head-on, instead of the symptoms?

If any of this registers with your heart and you’re ready to uplevel to a new experience of receiving health, prosperity and a felt sense of worthiness, I lovingly and respectfully invite you to take that next step. Leap into hope.

Take the leap.

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