Do you have to crash and burn first before the Universe can get your attention?

Many of us are like this nowadays.  We move at such a frantic pace.  What is driving you exactly?
Please pause for 10 seconds and FEEL your answer.

Are you living the life your soul is longing for? If this were your last day on Earth, how would you spend it?  I don’t think you’d push yourself hard to get one more thing done, would you?

Some colleagues and I are co-hosting a women’s retreat 10/7-9.  This retreat will give women an opportunity to slow down and connect with themselves.

Why is this vital?  Your health is on the line, for one thing. If you don’t do something different, stress will eat away at your health.  And it’s much easier to prevent and maintain your health than to restore it.

Secondly, I will appeal to your need to grow your business (because let’s face it, you won’t slow down for YOURSELF; it has to be “productive” time).

How can this help your business?

a.  Do you consider yourself a leader?  HOW are you leading?  Are you teaching your children and clients, by your example, to push themselves so hard that they burn out?

I’ve done this, and it’s time to stop, isn’t it?

b.  Business is built on relationships and trust.  This is an opportunity to get to know, like and trust other like-minded women, create supportive and loving relationships, who will do business with you if they like YOU, most importantly, and like what you offer.

Watch video and comment!

PS:  CALL TO ACTION:  Check out to learn more about the women’s retreat, Path to Joyful Authenticity.  Tell other women about it.

To Your Freedom,

Angie Monko