Dear Friend,

As the holiday season approaches, many people, especially us women, feel the mounting pressure.  We are already bombarded with countless activities.  Our minds are literally filled to the brink with to-do lists and the accompanying expectations.  Can we continue to juggle all of these balls in the air?  Can we really take on the added holiday demands, buying  and wrapping gifts, decorating, sending out cards, the extra social functions, the baking, the perfect holiday meals and gatherings? Let’s face it.  I love the holidays as
much as the next person, but they can really add a lot of stress. What if one of the balls drops?

Who will we let down or make angry?  Do you identify with being the nurturer, the emotional support, the rock of your family?  Indeed, women hold the family together.  Our husband or significant other automatically assumes we will handle our familial responsibilities.  And when Mom gets sick and needs extra nurturing herself, look out, because now Dad is going to be grumpy with his routine being thrown off. So what’s a girl to do? You have some choices.  You can continue down the road of pleasing everyone else
and not taking time for that crucial self-care.  You could find yourself distancing yourself from family and friends.  And doesn’t that defeat the entire meaning of the holidays?

You may also find yourself turning to all the sugary sweets and tempting foods to soothe yourself.
Between the stress and the extra eating, you begin to pack on the holiday ten to a body which is perhaps already overweight.  I call this the Holiday Blues. OR you can decide to make this holiday season different by changing your mind.  If you take just 20 minutes daily for self-care (this may include a gratitude journal, meditation, prayer, etc.) and reach for thoughts that provide you some emotional relief, you can make a huge difference in how you experience the holidays. You could find yourself relaxing and listening to soothing music, taking a hot bubble bath, watching a good movie the entire way through, baking
holiday treats with your daughters or loved ones, feeling a loving connection to your family, admiring all of the beautiful lights, taking a quiet walk on a clear, starry night.

The possibilities are endless.  In addition, you could find yourself eating food in moderation and savoring it or sticking to whatever food plan is best for you.  Hence, you celebrate New Year’s Day with joy and peace and a feeling of being lighter in your heart, knowing that you honored yourself, and, of course, without gaining any weight. This is Holiday Bliss. So what do you choose?  If you’d like to experience holiday bliss, reach out to me. I’d love to teach you a simple technique (emotional freedom technique or tapping) that delivers effective and fast results.  I want to work with you and help you experience a whole new kind of holiday, but that’s not going to happen if you do the same old thinking.

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Angie Monko, CH