Happy New Year’s Eve!

My hope for all of us is that we can learn to love and accept and forgive ourselves for where we are right now.  We must search within for peace and love and joy.  No external circumstance will give us this, not a perfect body, not if we win the lotto, and not if we have the best friends in the world.  Our answers lie within.  By loving ourselves we find the ultimate peace. I recently learned about a Hawaiian system
of healing called Ho’oponopono.

It encourages us to use love to heal everything in our existence by saying a few simple words.  Its beauty lies in its simplicity and straightforwardness.  When we tap or practice ho’oponopono, our goal is to find peace and be at ease with life, relieve the anxiety, the fear, the anger, the resentment or anything that keeps us disconnected from Source.  We are simply doing this practice to find our Inner Being, connect with it and be INSPIRED to live our best life.  Life is easy, simple, fun and full of grace when we live from an inspired place.

According to Dr. Hew Len, co-author of Zero Limits with Joe Vitale, we live either from inspiration or memory.  When we feel fear or negativity of any kind, we are living from memory.  Our subconscious mind is like a library full of records, and we are unaware of many records.  The records or memories pop up and trigger certain emotions, which influence our behavior.  We can begin to live more and more frequently from inspiration.  When we do this, life feels like it’s flowing, it’s easy, it’s joyful.  We no longer struggle to achieve success.  It is almost as if it falls into our laps.  Jerry and Esther Hicks have a similar view as Dr. Hew Len, just in different language.  They explain how our vibration (our energy resonation) determines everything.  When we have upstream, difficult thoughts and feelings, it re-enforces more of that which we don’t want.

Discouragement heaps upon frustration heaps upon depression and results in lackluster results.  When we have downstream thoughts that encourage our inner selves and provide us hope, we live easier, breathe easier, and have better health, relationships and abundance.  I prefer the latter. We need to be in a light, positive vibration that is congruent with our conscious desires in order for those desires to manifest.  We need to stay in the higher realms of positive vibration (love, joy, peace, compassion, humor) and accept and release the lower realms of vibration (hatred, anger, resentment, pity, fear) to attract that which we say we desire.

How do we do this?  I’m about to give you some homework to accomplish just that. It is important to accept our current situation.  Make peace with it.  We ARE going to live from negative subconscious records (memories) that trigger us constantly.  We are going to experience upstream thoughts.  This is a given.  When this occurs, we say “I love you. I’m sorry.  Please forgive me. Thank you.”  Remember, we are
saying this to ourselves, not to Source.  Source already forgives and loves us.  We hold a lot of subconscious resentment towards ourselves that we’re not aware of.

So we must keep practicing this simple method. Ho’oponopono takes the stance that we take 100% responsibility for not only our own life but every experience that is in our awareness, no exceptions.  This is not unhealthy co-dependence, however! It feels really good to realize that we have the power and control to live from a loving place and forgive ourselves for that part of us that created our external experience.

This really helps to heal ourselves and others. Below are some daily enrichment exercises that you may choose to implement. Practice Ho’oponopono/Tapping:  Tune in to any negative emotions you might be feeling, regarding your weight, body image, relationships, career, money, anything.  You know what is going on subconsciously, which dictates all of your behavior, by your emotions and feelings. Just feel the feeling and then tap on your karate chop, saying, “I love you.  I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.”  Tap and say this 3X.  Next do three rounds of tapping, while repeating the phrases.

  1. During the day when you experience upstream thoughts, say “I love you” silently or out loud, whichever works for you.  The goal is for you to experience more and more upstream thoughts and love/acceptance of yourself.  The goal is to create a happy vibration regarding food, body image, family, money, or whatever creates stress for you.

  2. When you are angry at someone or something else, go within. Say to yourself,  “Whatever part of me that caused this other person to be this way, I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.”  Send love to whatever is annoying you, instead of anger or fear.  What is truly annoying you is within you, not the other person, event or situation.

    This is a big leap in maturity and an absolutely necessary step in healing.  Stop resisting that which you try to control but ultimately can’t and never will control.

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