Distraction is an indicator that you are confused and being led astray by some aspect of yourself for one good reason: you want to feel safe.  Ironically, seeking safety is what actually keeps you in a distraction loop.

This blog covers what distraction is, how it serves you, the trauma-distraction connection, root chakra misalignment, symptoms of distraction, and what to do about it.

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What is Distraction?


Distraction is any activity that keeps you from taking creative and productive action that would bring you joy, because it drains your limited amount of energy.

How Does Distraction Serve You?


Distraction serves you to keep you firmly stuck in the status quo.  In other words, it keeps you safe from having to change.

A torn piece of paper above the red background. The torn paper divided the word "UNSAFE".

You may wonder how being stuck is a positive situation, especially if you deeply want to attain a goal.  Your goal may include making a certain amount of money in your business, having a meaningful impact on those you serve, releasing weight, intimate connection with your spouse, etc.

Being stuck is horribly frustrating to your EGO or conscious mind that analyzes everything to death.  However, to your subconscious mind which houses your energy to fuel your desires (or not if energy is lacking), being stuck is the best choice to keep you safe. Keeping you safe is the prime directive of the subconscious mind.

Are you aware that you’re distracted?

If you haven’t taken a keen look at how you spend your time, you may not be aware that you’ve been living a distracted existence. I’m not putting myself on a pedestal here. Each of us lives distractedly until we decide we no longer want that, which happens when we feel safe to move forward.

Otherwise, distraction after distraction will bombard you, and you’ll think stuff is happening “out there,” and that’s why you’re not getting promoted, making those calls, having the tough conversations, booking appointments, etc.

The Trauma-Distraction Connection

The root chakra is a spinning bundle of unseen energy that hovers around your pelvic area. There are 7 main chakras that run up and down the midline of your body, from the root to the crown located on the top of your head. The chakras are your personality blueprint that tell the story of your life and experience.

When they are aligned and spinning, they are flooding your body with health, energy and vitality.

The root chakra is the basis of who you are, the foundation. When it’s healthy, you’ll feel safe, grounded and secure in your place in the world. When it’s not healthy, you’ll feel unsafe, unsupported and possibly unloved.

When you’re feeling unsafe, unsupported and unloved, basically ungrounded, you tend to get very distracted.  Hence, resistance in the root chakra shows up as distractions.

How Does the Root Chakra Get Out of Whack?

The root chakra gets misaligned through trauma or events interpreted as trauma, often as a child. It’s the chakra of family rules and needing to fit in. If you didn’t feel like you belonged in your family, it wasn’t safe to express your true thoughts and feelings, and/or you didn’t feel safe to stand in your power for whatever reason, your root chakra would be affected.

Distraction serves to keep you confused, which will keep you firmly stuck, which as I mentioned earlier, is the safer route.

Indications of Root Chakra Misalignment


If your root chakra is currently out of balance, you’ll feel overwhelmed by life and not be able to get things done. You might also have the following symptoms, according to Margaret Lynch, EFT expert and business coach:
A red art floral with triangle and heart symbol in the center.
  • Generalized fear and mistrust of life
  • Fear of the judgement of others
  • Seeking approval of others
  • People pleasing
  • Not having boundaries
  • Procrastination
  • Ruminating thoughts
  • Anxious energy, including panic attacks
  • Rejection of or disappointment in your body
  • Not tuned into your body’s signs of stress, hunger, and exhaustion
  • Leaving your body or zoning out
  • Dreaming of big goals but not able to manifest them
  • Difficulty creating time or habits for nutrition and self-care
  • Trouble with concrete tasks, i.e money management, organization, and finishing projects

If you’re experiencing the above symptoms and don’t have a strong sense of who you are, can you see how it would be easy to get distracted?

Common Distractions


The list of things that could distract you are endless. Below are some of the major categories. Keep in mind that once you are distracted, it’s a common consequence to disconnect from yourself and others.

These distractions will drain your energy like a leaky bucket. You have a certain amount of energy at the beginning of the day. When you make choices or have interactions that bother you, imagine each one pokes a hole in the bottom of your energy bucket, losing a bit of energy each time until you feel exhausted at day’s end.

  1. Relationship drama (arguing, blaming, shaming, need to be right and in control, etc.)
  2. Addictions (compulsive eating, drinking, porn and other sex addiction, gambling, drugs, etc.)
  3. Divisive discussions (politics, religion, health freedom, etc.)
  4. Your phone (texts, FB messages, notifications, etc.)
  5. Your bulging and ever growing email inbox and all of the expectations it represents
  6. TV, Netflix & other streaming programs
  7.  Health conditions

What Can You Do About Distraction?


I always like dealing with the root cause of a problem rather than with the symptoms.  So the bottomline is that you need to learn how to feel safe in your body and nervous system, to be grounded and secure in who you are. This goes back to the root chakra foundation.

A close picture of two feet on the grass. The words over the images are "THE MORE GROUNDED YOU FEEL, THE LESS YOU'LL BE DISTRACTED BY ADDICTIVE DRAMA"

The more grounded, safe and secure you feel, the less you’ll be distracted by addictive drama. Here are 10 suggestions to help you feel grounded and safe so you can move forward:

  1. Grounding: Get grounded by being in nature when you can, walking on the bare earth.
  2. Grounding: Do Donna Eden’s daily energy routine. Search for it on youtube.
  3. Grounding: Run a silver spoon along the bottom of your feet and then prick the top of your feet with a fork. I learned this from Donna Eden too.
  4. Inner work.  You can use emotional freedom techniques, aka tapping, to calm your nervous system and dive deeper into the limiting beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you.
  5. You can do Donna Eden’s Triple Warmer smoothie which calms triple warmer meridian, responsible for fight and flight. 
  6. Pet your favorite cat, dog or pet to release endorphins (feel good hormones).  
  7. Hug someone you love, a good long hug if appropriate.
  8. Ensure you get good sleep.
  9. Stay hydrated with quality water (½ the ounces in your body weight).
  10. Feed yourself healthy nutrition (organic fruits and veggies, nuts, seeds, beans, and grass fed protein).

5 Additional Emotional/Spiritual Means to Feel Safe


  1. Say NO to what you’re not called to do. If something doesn’t light you up then don’t do it. Exceptions: Please keep in mind that sometimes we need to do things that require discipline and dedication but we don’t especially enjoy, like brushing our teeth or committing to an ill loved one. However, self care is still vital.
  2. Surround yourself with an environment and people that support you being you. It’s important that you’re able to authentically express yourself. 
  3. Set healthy boundaries that bless you. See this recent blog for more details.
  4. Do the inner work to become your own best parent. I can think of nothing more potent to aid you in standing on your own two feet than seeking within your soul for what feels right–you being your own inner authority.
  5. Connect with a Higher Power, whom I choose to call God. I put this last but it’s perhaps the most important thing.  I believe we are loved beyond our understanding and always safe and supported even if it doesn’t appear that way.



You can be distracted in 100 million ways.  But why? Distraction serves to keep you confused and stuck in the status quo, which represents safety to your subconscious mind.

Distraction originates with a trauma that most likely happened to you when you were small. You interpreted your reality as unsafe, like you didn’t fit into your family unit and/or you weren’t safe there. This will misalign your root chakra, the foundation of your body’s chakra system.

Distraction symptoms include a lot of fear, people pleasing, disconnecting from self, seeking approval, poor boundaries, anxiety, etc. See above list.

To align the root chakra and minimize distraction drama and confusion, you want to do the inner work and learn some energy tricks.  I’d love to support you in this endeavor, because if you don’t feel safe in the world, how will you create a thriving business and have the income and impact you want?

If you’d like support in overcoming distraction and feeling unsafe, I’m here to support you like you’ve never been before. I offer private coaching and group programs. My next 8 week course, Mental Fitness for Intuitive Women Leaders, begins 3/27/24.
Simply click here or below and schedule your free, Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and Coming Home to Yourself call. Let’s do this together.
Much Love,
Angie Monko,
Women’s Empowerent Coach for Intuitive Women Leaders

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