Dear Friends,

Sometimes it is so difficult to make peace with my body.  I focus on excess fat, stretch marks from where I had my baby on my stomach and lower back, skin discoloration, and on and on.  I can get very paranoid that since I’ve turned 40 years old that staying fit will only get harder and I will get more wrinkles and age.

I’m glad that I don’t focus on these negatives every day, because I think I would be miserable and insane. I truly think that if we are  serious about releasing excess weight, giving up the reliance on excess food for comfort and giving up the need for chaos and drama that we must make peace with our bodies exactly as they are.
So how do we see beyond our current physical results to who we want to become when reality stares us in the face every day? When negative thoughts surface about how “ugly and disgusting” we are, we must refuse to listen.  We can say, “Cancel-Cancel” to the thought and then say to oursleves or out loud, “I love and honor the inherent wisdom of my body and the subconscious reasons it has for holding on to this weight.  I’m not just my body or my stories.  I am so much more than this!”

I really like how that sounds and have been saying it.  We can personalize it and say who we are, like I might say that I’m a marvelous coach and a loving wife and mother.  We can focus on what we do well.   I have a friend who is morbidly obese with a large amount of fat around her abdomen and elsewhere.  She has tried every diet approach imaginable and is eating very healthily, but the excess weight is stubborn.  It has started to come off recently.  She gave up the need to frequently weigh herself, and she has sent love to every cell of her body and said something like the above.  She began with a body image of -15 on a 0 to 10 scale–seriously, it was a very low image.  Even though she hasn’t lost enough weight to satisfy herself
and she has over 100 pounds to go, by sending her overweight body love instead of criticism, she has more energy and feels inspired.

And just after three months of doing this, she has a body image of 5 or 6.  This is tremendous!  I know that she will eventually get to a normal weight as she raises her vibration.  By accepting herself, she wasn’t settling for her current results, but she was, in essence, saying, “If I never lose one pound, I love and accept you anyway.”  I am so proud of her!  There is much relief to be found in this approach. I hope you’ll try it!

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Love & Blessings,

Angie Monko,