How do your relationships impact your life? Well… they touch every aspect of your life, don’t they?

When you’re feeling happy and joyful, your body functions better (lots of science to support that).

When we feel healthy and happy, we feel more purposeful. We care about the impact we have on
others.  We are more creative and resourceful and get good ideas to make and receive money.

I don’t need to mention how having healthy relationships affects our peace of mind and how
we identify, our self-worth.  It’s a given that we will have much harmony and fulfillment when we
can get our relationships in order.

So why are relationships so darn hard? What can we do?

What I’ve found is that the biggest block to having healthy relationships is the very STRONG compulsion
to blame another for HOW we’re feeling.

I’m totally guilty of this too.  We will cite things like, “It’s cause and effect. If they wouldn’t have done this
or said that, I wouldn’t be feeling this way.”

But is that true?  It seems SO true!  But it IS NOT. Most of us are wounded.  We are hurt and traumatized
by our past and others’ actions.

It is OUR PAIN that reacts to others’ words and actions. It is OUR PAIN that triggers our hurt feelings, only
always. I’ve been taking a deeper journey into myself through using meridian tapping, an energy technique to help us become aligned with our best selves.

It’s opened my eyes to the fact that none of us will change until it feels safe to change. I realize how wounded I am by getting a “guided tour” of the Angie character by my own mind.

I’m 47 years old, and it’s taken this much time for me to be ready to see why I truly overeat, why I hold onto this excess weight, why no diet or exercise will ever work to fix it, why I push myself so hard to work, why I neglect intimacy (defined as vulnerably connecting) with those who mean the most to me…

Why I use TV to numb out instead of feeling my feelings… why I stay so very busy….

It ALL comes down to this.  I don’t want to FEEL my PAIN. The true irony is that I’ve hidden behind my self-care routine all these years.  You see, I thought I was taking good care of myself by doing daily yoga rites, meditating, doing a gratitude journal.

I thought I was walking my talk.  I was to an extent, to the best of my ability.  What I WASN’T doing was tapping on my feelings.

We won’t tap when we feel trapped, because it’s a very immature side of us, who isn’t resourceful, who’s in control at these times. AND we don’t see our own stuff.

One could be the best massage therapist in the world but have a difficult time rubbing their own back, right?

I’m SO excited to be feeling my feelings now.  I get weepy a lot more, because I sense my little 5-year-old-girl within is much more present.  She’s finally ready to be healed.

I’m not sure what your past looks like, but mine wasn’t pretty. I grew up feeling frightened and anxious because my dad was full of rage and hurt my mom. I learned to soothe these feelings with food, TV, over-accomplishing, staying busy.

Would you like to begin to FEEL again?  I’ve been de-sensitized to my emotions and pain, and I didn’t know it. Through my own personal self-guided tour of Angie’s life, I am now better equipped to love, accept and forgive myself, not just intellectually but truly in my heart.

I’d love for you to join me on this beautiful path to inner discovery, because I believe it’s much easier when we join together.  There’s no shame in admitting our shame.

I’ve been ashamed of my body, my feelings of fear and sadness, my disappointment, my business results, myself in general. So what? I claim all of these feelings now, and I also claim my light, my power, my love, my strength.

I deserve to be happy and healthy. So do you…if what I’ve shared here resonates with you, please reply to this email. I’m starting a special tapping event on 7/13 to help you feel your feelings and open up to your best self.

It’s by invitation only, and I’m only accepting 20 people. If you haven’t received a personal invitation, no worries. I still have a few slots left.  Show me you want this by replying back.  It’s a nominal investment of $25, and I’ll be doing this monthly on second Thursday from 6-8pm.

Let Harmony Harbor help you shine your brilliant light! Let’s be as silly, playful and real as we want.  After all, when we get the relationship right with our self, it positively impacts every- thing!

Supporting you all the way,

Angie Monko