How good do you smell?

In other words, how much do you sniff out other people’s bullshit? AND how REAL are you?
How pleasant do you actually smell to others?

I know this sounds absurd. But you all know people who you’ve immediately connected with
and trust are showing you their True Self.

Take Melissa McCarthy, for example.  She seems pretty darn real, doesn’t she?  That’s why we love
her.  She just shows up without pretense or the need to gain others’ approval or love, and we
LOVE that about her.  At least I do!

It’s a lot of fun to watch someone in action whose taken off the mask to a large part. I say in large part, because to some extent, we all wear this mask.

We must wear this mask in order to feel safe in the world.  Safe from what? Safe from rejection,
safe from unearthing the dreaded truth that we aren’t really lovable or good enough.

Of course, it’s not Truth, just a faulty perception we picked up as youngsters.  We truly are VERY
lovable and worthy and precious creations of an Intelligence beyond understanding.

Surprisingly, we all have this ability to SNIFF out incongruencies, inconsistencies, and the
MASK that each one of us wears. It’s an energy thing.

This is something for you to ponder.  How do you wear a Mask, and what is one thing you
can begin doing to reveal your True Self?

Ask for what you want with something simple. Share a secret with someone safe. Set a boundary with someone who mistreats you. Argue or confront when typically you’d keep silent. Admit you’re scared, lonely, sad to someone.

Feel free to reply to this email and let me know how you removed a small layer of the Mask?

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Love you!