How much do you REALLY want what you want? 

Your desire needs to be pretty darn strong, an 8 or higher on a 10 scale, to overcome the pull of staying the same.  You have two things working within you to keep you the SAME.  You have your conscious fears and doubts (your EGO), and you have your subconscious parts that are afraid to die. For example, say someone wants to stop smoking, but try as they might, they can’t muster up enough willingness.  So they decide they want to be hypnotized to stop.  The problem is that if they aren’t really ready, they may consciously want to be hypnotized, but a part of them will prevent it from happening, a part that doesn’t
want to lose control, a part that doesn’t want to die.

When one tries to make a change like this in their life before they are ready, then most likely they will override any hypnotic suggestions, that is, IF they allow themselves to let go enough to be hypnotized.  What do I mean by override? One can consciously decide that they won’t follow suggestions.  We are always at choice.  I’ve talked to some people who speak as if they aren’t in control.  They speak as if another part is controlling them.  That other part may hugely control them, but there is always the opportunity to decide differently. I think it’s better to become aware of what is going on inside of me and WHY I make certain decisions.  Then I can acknowledge where I’m at and decide if this is a place I really want to stay.

Emotional freedom technique or tapping is so effective at allowing people to just be where they are and change in small increments.  People think they have to transform over night, but they don’t.  In fact, they might say, “I have so much to change, I don’t know where to start, and it’s pointless to even try.”  This is just an excuse. They DO need to be open to having a conversation within themselves.  They DO need to be open to acknowledging how they feel and that something isn’t working.  Just starting the conversation
is a big deal, and people need to give themselves credit for that.

It is so easy to prevent the conversation from happening.  Most folks don’t want to think deeply about themselves or WHY they do what they do.  There are many things that can distract us from getting clear about our lives, such as family drama, our weight, our health, our job, chaos, clutter, and on and on. The good news is that once the conversation starts within ourselves, then we can tap on how we feel, let a little light in, an idea pops into our mind about how we can solve the immediate problem, we get a little hope, and then do some more tapping to shed the layers of discomfort within ourselves. The initial conversation
with yourself may be very uncomfortable because it may go like this: I really hate and reject you.

I can’t stand how you look and who you are as a person.  I am very disappointed in your life. You should be further along.  You are a failure at just about everything. If this is how you feel about yourself, don’t fret.  You have to start somewhere. 

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