We’ve recently talked about the importance of following your intuition as a female leader and integrating this feminine approach with the masculine energy of being productive, profitable and driven in business, which is also needed.

This blog focuses on how to develop your intuition as a female leader. What are clear, actionable steps you can take to hone your intuition. Building your intuition muscle is like building a physical muscle. Certain actions need to be taken consistently over time, and you’ll get stronger and stronger.

4 Mindful Leadership Strategies to Navigate Situations with Poise and Clarity

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The Role of Mindfulness in Developing Intuition


Being mindful or conscious of what is going on within you will help you develop your intuition. You needn’t look forever outside of yourself for your answers, because your hidden treasure lies within you.

I’ve been told that I’m very intuitive, and it’s one of my greatest strengths. When writing this blog, I’m looking within to see what makes this so. I’m a student of myself, and I keep getting new material every day to study. I’m a fascinating subject, and so are you! 🙂

“When we stay close to the wisdom of our knowing, seeking solutions to our problems in the sanctuary of the heart and not in the vanity of the mind, then we can pretty much trust in the unfolding, mysterious wisdom of Life.” Marianne Williamson

So get curious about the amazing creation of YOU.  You are worth paying attention to. When you develop your intuition, it will help you to be more decisive, creative, and innovative as it’s building up the side of your brain responsible for these functions.

The more you develop your intuition, the more you’ll be able to authentically connect with your clients and employees.

Techniques for Accessing Intuition


Here are a few suggestions to access your intuition. Pick one that resonates with your heartfelt desires.  If you’re especially resistant to one, that might be an entryway into the greatest change and growth for you as well.

That may sound contradictory, but it’s not. For example, if you know in your heart that journaling would be wonderful for you, but another part says, “I don’t have time for that, and I’m a bad writer,” go with it. It’s your EGO protecting you from getting to those vulnerable feelings.

“Always go with the choice that scares you the most, because that’s the one that is going to require the most from you.” ― Caroline Myss

It’s an indication of where you are on your spiritual journey and how much your EGO may be interfering with your forward movement.

4 Mindful Leadership Strategies to Navigate Situations with Poise and Clarity

1. Access Your Intuition Through Your Heart:

This simple exercise will help you tune into your body/heart/subconscious mind.  Simply close your eyes, place your hands over your heart, and take a few deep breaths.  Feel your body against your seat or back or however you’re positioned.

You can continue to breathe to relax your nervous system. And that is enough if you do this for a few minutes.  If you want to add to this because you need clarity about a decision or way to think about something, this is a good time to ask yourself a question, “What am I supposed to do next? Is it in my highest good?”

2. Access Your Intuition Through Meditation:

Meditation can be anything that asks you to slow down and connect with your body. Be present with the reality of right now, which I realize might feel really painful to you.  The key is to be intentional and sit or lie down. You can also do a walking meditation if you can be present to the views around you. Personally, I find it easier to close my eyes, but more advanced practice will allow you to jump into a meditative state with eyes open and engaging in your environment and with others.

3. Access Your Intuition Through Journaling:


Writing down your thoughts and feelings is another way to get to know yourself.  Putting pen to paper, like a magnet, has a way of drawing things out of your soul like none other.

4. Access Your Intuition Through Spending Time in Nature:


Have you ever been in nature and felt really alive and connected? Ever gone to the ocean, sunk your feet into the sand, listening to the sea gulls overhead, the breeze rustling your hair…and you just knew something greater than you existed?

When I hike in the mountains, along a trail overlooking a crystal blue lake, the autumn leaves glistening in the sun, the smell of pine needles around me, I feel at peace. Nature has a way of doing this–digging right into your heart.

The more you can slow down through a daily ritual, even if you start with 5-10 minutes per day, the more you’ll begin to hear your intuition. Then each time you follow one of your intuitive messages, the more you’ll trust it and take action based on it.

I consider Caroline Myss and Marianne Williamson two very respectable and successful women who also happen to follow their intuition. It’s not woo-woo; it’s wise.

What Blocks Your Intuition


When you’re feeling self-doubt and fear, you won’t be able to access your intuition. The fear will be louder, and it will drown out the quiet, subtle messages from your intuition. When you follow techniques like the above, it will quiet your fear and the amygdala messages that keep your nervous system agitated.

4 Mindful Leadership Strategies to Navigate Situations with Poise and Clarity

Further, slowing down the “monkey mind chatter” will build up the part of your brain responsible for self-compassion and self-reflection. This is the antidote to fear and self-doubt. Your mind cannot hold both fear and love states at the same time.



Develop your intuition as a female leader by Knowing Thyself. Take the time to slow down and improve your intuition by connecting to your heart, meditating, journaling and spending time in nature. All of these techniques will help you become more creative and better connect with your clients, team, and family, and friends.

Fear and self-doubt stand in your way of developing a strong intuition, but the four suggested practices will move you out of this fear state into a love state. You can’t hold both fear and love simultaneously.

I encourage you to develop and trust your intuition, because nothing is more important than the real relationship you have with yourself.

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Much Love,
Angie Monko,
Life Coach for Intuitive Women Leaders