Have you ever watched Star Trek: The Next Generation?

Well, on the series, they have this species called The Borg.  I remember The Borg were trying to take over and dominate the galaxy, and they were intellectually superior to other species, including humans.  In their robotic-like voice, I can hear them say, “Resistance is futile….” This resonates with me, especially this week.  I’ve been thinking about how whenever I resist reality or the current state of affairs, I suffer.  It doesn’t matter what it is that I resist, the result is the same, restlessness, frustration, hopelessness.  Here are
some other sayings that support the idea of NOT resisting.

Move toward that which you resist.  The more you resist, the more it persists. I’ve observed myself slipping into scarcity thinking this past week about money, and I’ve noticed that I’ve felt frustrated about how I need to eat to maintain optimum health.  If you’ve ever heard of the Genotype Diet, it recommends that you eat certain super foods and avoid toxic foods, according to one of six genotypes (based on your blood type and other body measurements and criteria).  Well, I happen to be a Nomad, and two of the foods I should
not eat are tomatoes and avocado, two foods I happen to love. So I have resisted this food plan for two years because of the above.  In the last week, however, I’ve heard that “still small voice” saying I should let go of these two foods.

But why???? I asked.  They are so healthy!  I decided to move toward that which I’ve resisted to see how it affects me, hand swelling, a few extra pounds of weight .  It’s a game of discovery and investigation into my own mind and body.  Instead of freaking out about eliminating these two foods and others, I’m just going to do it and be open minded. I love and respect myself enough to know I am worth this effort.  When I observe myself in my unhealthy thinking, it magically dissipates.  I also recently started on a new level of a meditation CD called Holosync, and I am aware that when I start any new level of this program, which carves new neural pathways in the brain to achieve whole-brained thinking, it is going to feel uncomfortable. It will cause emotions to bubble up and belief systems which are ready to be revamped.

So I recognize that my brain was reorganizing to a different level of awareness. I could try to fight this natural process and dissipate the energy by numbing out the feelings with food or finding a distraction, but I chose to just be okay with the feelings and not fight them, but just observe them, watch them with a curiosity. Such feelings have been coming up, such as “I’m fat. My body just won’t cooperate with me.  Why does it have to be so hard? How can I figure this out? Why I am feeling insecure?”  The truth is that I really don’t have to figure out anything. My ego tells me I do.  Self doubt and fear and never the Truth.

Watching myself with curiosity will help me to accept myself where I’m at.  It doesn’t have to be so hard.
I just make it that way.  When I look at myself, my feelings, and behaviors, with conscious awareness,
and ask myself, “What’s going on, Angie?  What are your feelings trying to tell you?  Just acknowledge
them.  Don’t resist them or deny them.  Allow them.  Talk to the part of yourself experiencing the discomfort and ask permission from this part to cooperate.  What lesson do you need to learn?”
This dialogue is very useful.  It is a way to connect with my subconscious, which is where my Higher
Self resides.  I invite you to do the same.  When you feel very resistant to something, instead of
fighting it, invite the feeling into your conscious awareness.  Just sit with it.  Send love and gratitude
to the feeling, to yourself.  Appreciate yourself, especially in the midst of discomfort.  I promise you.

The feeling will dissipate.  All is well!

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Angie Monko